A Love Letter to RAWSISTAZ as they celebrate 10 years

I confess. I've always been impressed with how organized book clubs are, how they put together events to showcase authors, whether simple book discussions or large events to which people travel from far and wide.

But doing it all online: Maintaining a strong presence on the web with an informative website, overseeing official chapters that abide by RAWSISTAZ principles that carry your name in major cities all over the country, holding contests, having a roster of book reviewers, organizing and hosting either a live, in-person event or an online conference every year, maintaining a blog with thoughtful articles, and more...it just boggles my mind how much all of you do to give us readers of African-American fiction a place to learn about all the latest and upcoming book releases, and a place to interact with one another.

I felt so gratified when RAWSISTAZ accepted my first independent book project (Save The Best For Last, published in 2009 by my own Bunderful Books) for review, and even more so when the reviewer gave it 4 stars and described it in glowing terms. I felt as though this gave me validation, to have my self-published work given the same recognition as the books I've had published by traditional publishers. You just don't know how much it meant to me.

I am happy and proud to be able to tell the world that I love RAWSISTAZ. All my best to you as you begin your second ten years.

Love, Bettye

P.S. This is being posted somewhat late...I always seem to lose a day when the week starts with a holiday, but it doesn't mean I love you any less.

P.P.S. I would have loved to have included one of your logos with this posting, but it seems to be copy-proof.


My books that are available in e-book format are outselling those available in print, according to Amazon.

Call me old-fashioned, but for me, there's nothing like holding the actual book in my hands. Of course, I've been slow to come around to new technology in the past, and this may be just another of those eventualities where I'm late to the party.

How do you do most of your reading, through actual books or e-readers?