February 25, 2013

Movie Trivia Winners and Answers

First, the winners:

I added 4th and 5th place winners:  5th place with 250 points - Patsy Nelson.  4th place with 270 points - Elizabeth Robinson.

3rd place with 300 points - Darla Moore

2nd place with 350 points - Ollie Moss

1st place with 390 points - Severine Johnson

Congratulations to all the winners!  We're expecting snow on Tuesday, so I'll get your prizes out to you later in the week.

Now, for the answers:

2/15:  The barmaid was played by Cicely Tyson.  The woman at the bar was Carmen de Lavallade.

2/16:  The composer of theme from The Blob was Burt Bachrach.  The lyricist he teamed up with a few years later was Hal David (brother of Mack David, who wrote the lyrics for The Blob).  The singer who recorded many of their songs was Dionne Warwick.

2/17:  Ninotchka, The Wizard of Oz, The Women, Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights
All released in 1939 (anyone who mentioned 1939 got the bonus points)

2/18:  William Frawley, Art Evans, Butterfly McQueen (2 photos), Charles Durning, Irma P. Hall

2/19:  Mutiny on the Bounty, On the Waterfront, The Godfather, Guys and Dolls, A Streetcar Named Desire
All starred Marlon Brando

2/20:   Working Girl, Stage Door, Tower Heist, 27 Dresses, Laura
All were set in New York City

2/21:  Shaft, Goldfinger, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, King Creole, Cinderella Liberty, Mo' Better Blues, Ghostbusters, Midnight Cowboy, A Summer Place
No bonus question due to my error.  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was composed by Hugo Montenegro, and so was music from another movie I forgot to include!  My bad.

2/22:  Road to Perdition, Home Alone, Child's Play, Soul Food, Bridesmaids
All were set in Chicago

2/23:  Joel McCrea (2 photos), Gary Cooper (1 video clip, 1 photo), Herb Jeffries, Errol Flynn (2 photos), Fred MacMurray (2 photos), Tyrone Power
The lone surviving actor is Herb Jeffries (born 09/24/2013), presently 7 months away from his 100th birthday.  He was known as "The Bronze Buckaroo" and appeared in a lot of black Westerns.

I hope everyone had fun.  Maybe we'll do it again next year (depending on my schedule of releases; I'm reluctant to offer too many gift cards in case of five-way ties, LOL).
February 23, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/23

Reminder:  Do NOT post answers here.  Email them to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces), and include your full name. 

This the final question.  If you missed anything, you have until 2:00 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, 2/24/2013, to email your answers.  Remember, only video and audio clips appear on my blog.  All nine questions are on the Bunderful Books Facebook wall.  Winners will be announced during the first hour of the Oscar telecast.

Today's question is a video clip.  I have compiled photographs of six handsome hunky-looking actors from the era of classic Hollywood.  Most have two photographs, and each is separated by the "?."  Ten points for each correct name.  For an extra 10 points, identify (by number if you don't know the name) the one gentleman who survives today (he is presently 99 years old).  

Remember, all answers are due by 2:00 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, the 24th.  Good luck to all!

February 21, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/21

Just three more days to go!

Movie Trivia 2/21:

Reminder:  Do NOT post answers here.  Email them to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces), and include your full name. 

It’s soundtrack time!  I must say I had a lot of fun with this one.  Today’s audio clip with art is 8 minutes long and features 9 pieces of music:  Some are themes, some are title music (that plays over opening credits), one is a song featured in a film.  The "?" picture will indicate a new piece of music is about to start, and I have alternated the pictures to help you keep track.  Some clips are longer than others, but most are at least 30 seconds long.  

For 10 points each, name each film the music comes from (and be forewarned, there are a couple of toughies in there).

For a 20-point bonus (yes, 20 points), name which two (identifying by number) that were created by the same composer. You can always guess.  So grab a pen and paper and listen!

February 19, 2013

Color Me Determined

I'm feeling very proud of myself these days.

Flash back about five months.  I was having a devil of a time writing my eBook Something Real, a process that took about eight months altogether.  Although I liked what I'd written, I wasn't happy with the amount of time it was taking.  Then I had the bright idea for the ending (which I usually write before the rest of the story).  It would end with a cliffhanger...an ending where readers (at least those who didn't want to throw something at me) would be anxious to know the rest of the story.  It wasn't that big a deal...I'd already warned readers that only one of the two romances in the book was going to be complete.

Ending with a cliffhanger would present a major, but much-needed, challenge for me.  No way could I ask readers to wait eight months for the resolution.  I vowed to have the conclusion, Man of Her Heart, published within four months.  Just to be safe, I put in the book that it would be published by the spring.

I'm happy to report that I published Man of Her Heart on February 17th, just three months and two days after Something Real.  How did I do it?

That's right.  I told myself I was going to get it done.  I made a promise to produce at least a modest 500 new words every day, to take off when I needed to and not beat myself up about it, and if I wrote more, that was fine, too.  In November I produced a 12,452 words.  Kind of paltry, but my husband and I hosted a family reunion over Thanksgiving weekend with 25 family members, 15 of whom stayed at our house.  Obviously I was too busy enjoying my family to get a lot of writing done that week.  My mother came before the reunion and stayed a week after it ended (about 3-1/2 weeks in all), but I learned to be flexible.  If she wanted to go to the Y and work out, I brought my laptop with me and used that time to write.

In December I did better, 20,942.  I was doing my Christmas shopping and baking, and all gifts and cookies had to be shipped out of town, so I was packing as well.  In addition, I re-designed my web site and, after learning about a company (there are several) that helps authors sell eBooks directly to the public, I set up an eStore at my website. Then two people close to my husband passed away the same week, so we went out of town for a few days to attend both funerals.  All things considered, I did pretty good.

January was best of all, with no house guests, no major chores pending, and (thank God), no deaths.  I wrote 30,920 words, some of which belonged to the proofreading/revising of a backlist title I'd had scanned, Where There's Smoke, which I ePubbed in mid-January.  I knew I'd be able to publish Man of Her Heart by mid-February; the cover art was already done, and my editor was standing by.

The three things that helped me the most were:  1) Thinking about the scene I wanted to write before I sat down at the laptop, often working out the first one or two sentences; 2) Writing in chunks; and 3) Scrivener.

I'd think about what I wanted to write while having breakfast, then sit down and write, often 750 or 1000 words rather than just 500.  Then I'd do some housework and maybe some errands, think about what scene I wanted to write next, then sit down and write, for another 500-750 words in the afternoon.  I would often do this a third time after dinner.  Some days I was creating more than 2000 words.  I made an Excel graph to record my output each day by project (yes, some of those words belonged to future projects; I learned a long time ago to write down any ideas that pop into my head).  Finally, the Scrivener software, which I used for the first time for an entire book, helped me keep everything organized. I adore this software!

So I created a book in 90 days (another factor is that this book is shorter than my others have been) and I'm feeling proud of myself.  But not for long.  It's time to move on.  I've got another backlist title to finish proofing and revising for a March release...a short prequel to offer for late March/early April, a novella based on the prequel in April...

A writer's work is never done!

February 18, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/18

Reminder: Email your answers to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces) with "Movie Trivia 2/18" in the subject line. Include your full name with your entry.

Sometimes they appear in just a scene or two...occasionally they are true supporting players, but they're rarely, if ever, the star.  You know their faces...but do you know their names?  This video clip features some familiar character actors from movies over the years...10 points for each you can correctly name.

February 16, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/16

Reminder:  Email your answers to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces) with "Movie Trivia 2/16" in the subject line.  Include your full name with your entry.

The following audio clip is the bouncy rock-and-roll theme to a youth-oriented 1950s movie, from the single that was released.  (Note that the lyrics don't begin until 36 seconds in.)  This was an early hit for its composer, who a few years later hooked up with a new lyricist and got an unknown session singer whose voice he liked to record one of their compositions, thus beginning a very fruitful partnership..

a) Ten points for the name of the composer. 
b) Ten points for the name of the lyricist with whom he created songs during his most successful period.
c) Ten points for the name of the female singer who had multiple hits with their music.  

February 15, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/15

Reminder:  Email your answers to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces) with "Movie Trivia 2/15" in the subject line.  Include your full name with your entry.

Apologies for the skips in this clip, but it's the only one I could find.

At 00:40 and 1:02 in this clip the camera shifts to two women.  For 10 points, name the woman behind the bar, seen here in one of her first movie roles.  For another 10 points, name the woman who is sitting at the bar (who is best known as a dancer, but made a few movies).

If you're curious about the woman singing, her name was Mae Barnes (1907-1997), and she was very popular in the 1950s, often appearing at the Bon Soir, a Greenwich Village cabaret.  She did make some recordings, but unfortunately this song, All Men Are Evil, is not one of them.  I think she had a great sound...

February 14, 2013

The Valentine Interviews Summary, Plus other books available now and coming soon

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I hope you've all enjoyed the mini-interviews with the authors who have stopped in to chew the fat about their latest offerings. All these sound like fascinating reads, and I do hope you'll download them (or get print copies where available).  To recap the authors and their books/stories:

Chicki Brown:  You Make Me Feel Brand New

AlTonya Washington:  Provocative Territory

Iris Bolling:  The Pendleton Rule

Deborah Fletcher Mello:  Passionate Premiere

Lynn Emery:  Sweet Mystery, A Darker Shade of Midnight audiobook

Shirley Hailstock:  Legacy


There are a couple of other new books out from authors I didn't get a chance to interview that I want to tell you about now.

Michelle Monkou has made her Arabesque romance Finders Keepers available as an eBook for the first time:

"Nicole Montgomery, a new B&B owner, who has to deal with the rigors of running a business that she's uncertain of its future, but definitely passionate for the tumultous endeavor. Meanwhile, Brad Calverton, travel reviewer, has the power in his hand, or more like his pen, to make or break this B&B's reputation." 

Her gal pals, on the other hand, want to see Nicole take a breather and pursue matters of the heart with the likes of world-traveler Brad. The couple try, but the past and present demons of greed, betrayal, and heartbreak constantly sabotage their chances...or does it?

Also, Keith Thomas Walker debuts a new eBook, The Realest Ever:

"Donovan was Kyra’s best friend. He was her protector, the only source of love Kyra knew in her turbulent childhood years. Donovan didn’t think he would survive when Kyra was ripped out of his life when they were teenagers. Fifteen years later Kyra returns to Overbrook Meadows, battle-scarred and weary. Donovan was a boy the last time she saw him. Now he’s a grown, beautiful and almost married man. Donovan easily resumes his role as Kyra’s comforter. She’d be a fool to expect anything more, but Kyra’s body still yearns for the one kiss they shared so many years ago…"


Finally, I had hoped to have my own latest eBook, Man of Her Heart, available for download by now, but while the book itself is complete the publishing process is not, but it's coming your way in the next few days!  Here's the cover art (which is still being tweaked):

This is the sequel (although is a stand-alone story) to Something Real, which ended with a cliffhanger three months ago.  In this story readers will get the resolution to Liv and Brian's tortuous romance.  For those not familiar with these connecting stories of three women, friends since adolescence, Genevieve L'Esperance (who is using an a fictitious last name to help protect a huge secret) is the first to fall in love, with medical school graduate and current law school student Dexter Gray, whose dream of becoming a medical malpractice attorney is on the line because he's out of loans and out of cash with just one semester to go. Their road to romance is told in Save The Best For Last.

Next up is Francesca Perry, Cesca to her friends, whose mistreatment, along with that of her family members, by law enforcement has left a deep scar on her psyche.  She is forced to rethink her feelings when she meets a member of New York's Finest, Terrence Gulliver, in Something Real.

Olivia (known as Liv or Livvy) Oliveira's long-held crush on magazine publisher Brian Price, whose parents and grandfather employ her parents, becomes a reality in the aforementioned book that exceeds her wildest expectations, but she is forced to walk away from the love of her life. Her life takes a turn she never would have predicted, but true love can't be denied, and she finds her way back to the...Man of Her Heart. I will be offering a special introductory price at my eStore for this eBook, as well as a

There's some good reading here, folks!  I wish you love this Valentine's Day...and, as always, good reading!

February 13, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Shirley Hailstock

Author Shirley Hailstock wraps up the Valentine Interviews with a mini-interview about her latest offering, Legacy.

Bettye: Shirley, what's your story about?

Shirley: Legacy is the story of Michael Lawrence, a traumatized attorney who’s turned his back on the law.  Discovering he is the heir to a fortune, he must return to the city and work with Erika St. James, the beautiful new president of a multinational corporation.  While his thoughts of her stray from the boardroom to the bedroom, someone else has plans to make him pay for past deeds.  And Erika is the pawn he’ll use to force Michael into the open.

Bettye: I don't know how I missed this when it was first published as an Arabesque romance, but now that it's available as an eBook, I'm going to pick up a copy. Can you share with us your inspiration for writing this particularly storyline?

Shirley: Often stories just pop in a writer’s head.  This didn’t happen with Legacy.  The hero, Michael, popped into my head.  He sat on that mountain in Maryland for three years before I found a story for him.  I was on my way to Philadelphia.  I can’t remember why, but I was driving South on Route 95 and the city appeared before me on an extremely clear day.  I looked the skyline of huge building and thought, money; that’s how I’ll get him to come down.  I’ll make him an heir.  Once Erika showed up as the heroine, the story congealed in my head and I plotted it out and wrote.

Bettye: I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one who gets partial ideas that marinate for years before it all comes together! What would you say to those readers who haven’t read your book about why they would like it?

Shirley: I believe they would like it for the same reason I like it.  I love strong women characters.  I love men who can be vulnerable, but are equal to the heroine.  I love a mystery along with the romance.  So if a reader likes Sandra Brown, she’ll probably like my books.

Bettye:  Forget those semi-abusive alpha males and give me a vulnerable man any day! Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?

Shirley:  Unfortunately, I don’t.  There’s no special man in my life right now and I have a deadline very close to Valentine’s Day.  I’ll probably be writing/editing/polishing the book to get it in on time.

Bettye: Good luck meeting that deadline, Shirley!  Thanks for stopping by.

Readers, Legacy by Shirley Hailstock is now available at Amazon, BN.com, and Smashwords. Download your copy today!   
February 11, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Lynn Emery

There's been a lot going on in the world of author Lynn Emery, and she's here to tell us about her latest eBook plus a new audiobook!

Bettye: Lynn, tell us about your new projects.

Lynn: Sweet Mystery is about a woman coming home back to her hometown to bury her father. She is pulled into unraveling a fifty-year-old family “Whodunit?” and the mystery of making love last. My audiobook, A Darker Shade of Midnight, is about an interracial crime fighting couple facing down supernatural and human villains.

Bettye: I read Sweet Mystery when it was initially published under the Arabesque line of paperbacks, and I enjoyed it immensely.  It had a lot of atmosphere, and your writing transported me from my home environment to the Louisiana bayou.  I could practically smell the Spanish moss on the trees!  

What inspired you to tell these stories?

Lynn: Rae Dalcour, the heroine, is a blues musician. I love the blues and tangled family mysteries. A Darker Shade of Midnight is about the Cajun/Creole cultural beliefs about the paranormal world.

Bettye: I admit to enjoying the blues myself (I didn't always, but I married a blues lover and have learned to appreciate the art), and I absolutely adore tangled family background stories.  What would you say to someone not familiar with your work to try to get them to give you a try?

Lynn: Readers who love a good mystery, colorful characters and a flavor of Louisiana culture will enjoy Sweet Mystery. Those who like a good mystery with a little other worldly flavor will enjoy A Darker Shade of Midnight. Both have sensual love stories woven in.

Bettye: And don't forget the atmosphere!  I love the way the settings are incorporated into your cover designs.

Any special plans for Valentine's Day?

Lynn: I can’t say I’ll do anything special on Valentine’s Day, as I’m single at the moment.  :-)

Bettye: And you've certainly been busy...Lynn, thanks so much for stopping by.  

Readers, Sweet Mystery is available in print and Kindle formats at Amazon, in Nook format at Barnes & Noble, and in all eBook formats at Smashwords.  The audiobook of A Darker Shade of Midnight (this title is also available in print and eBook) is available at Amazon
February 8, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Deborah Fletcher Mello

Today Deborah Fletcher Mello, author of the Stallion series, stops by to chew the fat about her latest Kimani Romance, Passionate Premiere.

Bettye: Debby, tell us what Passionate Premiere is about.

Deborah: Passionate Premiere is the first official book in the Boudreaux Family series.  Renowned actor Guy Boudreaux meets his match in famed filmmaker Dahlia Morrow.  With a reputation for having left a trail of broken hearts behind her, Dahlia isn’t at all happy when the bad-boy actor tempts her to mix business with pleasure.

Bettye: I have to tell you that I'm fascinated with the filmmaking process, so a heroine in that profession has strong appeal for me. Early reviews show this is already an audience favorite. What inspired you to write this particular storyline?

Deborah: The Boudreaux Family was a natural spin off from my Stallion family series.  In my book Seduced by a Stallion, Katrina Boudreaux married Matthew Stallion and her brother Mason Boudreaux meets the love of his life, the newly discovered Stallion sister, Phaedra Parrish, in my book Forever A Stallion.  As this family started to develop I loved everything about them.  I was most enamored with the fact that they weren’t all billionaire playboys which allows me a wealth of flexibility with their storylines and my writing.

Bettye: I know what you mean...a few billion goes a long way, and I'm not just talking about the bucks. If someone told you they weren't familiar with your work, what would you say to try to convince them to read your new book? 

Deborah: I think readers will like Passionate Premiere because Guy and Dahlia are just a likeable couple.  They’re both building high profile careers and learning how to balance both their professional and personal lives.  They’re also exceptionally passionate with each other and it made for a few really steamy sex scenes.

Bettye: Mmm...A high likeability factor, and steamy sex, too. 

Any special plans for Valentine's Day, Debby?

Deborah: Every day with my favorite guy is Valentine’s Day!  We spend a lot of quality time with each other.  He makes my heart sing and inspires most of my stories.  I’m sure this Valentine’s Day will have its share of surprises for us both.

Bettye: I always felt that love is better than anything...Thanks, Debby!

Passionate Premiere is now available at Amazon, Nook, and eHarlequin! Download a copy (or pick up a print copy), and fall in love with the Boudreauxes! 
February 6, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Iris Bolling

I'm pleased to welcome Iris Bolling to Chewing The Fat. Iris is the author of the popular Gems and Gents series.  Her latest novel, The Pendleton Rule, went into effect (was published) January 31st.

Bettye: Iris, tell us what you book is about.

Iris: A year ago, Tyrone “Ty” Pendleton connected with Kendra “Kiki” Simmons due to their friends’ dilemma. They shared months of hot passion that neither will ever forget. An emotional difference of opinion created a rift the couple could not overcome.

Proud and stubborn, literary agent Kiki moved to New York to work with her father’s publishing company and to put distance between her and the man who controls her heart.

Successful entertainment agent, Ty, accepted Kiki’s decision to walk away and moved on with his life—until danger surfaced, threatening her life and the lives of others connected to him.

Bound together by uncontrollable forces, Ty and Kiki search for their enemy while trying to resist the passion that burns within—without dying or breaking…The Pendleton Rule.

Bettye: I love that title, BTW.  Can you share your inspiration for writing it?

Iris: The responses to my novel, Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate, always had one question...What happened to Tyrone and Kiki? The Pendleton Rule is the response to that question. The nerd-like, always-taking-care-of-others Ty and the spicy, smart-mouthed Kiki had chemistry from the beginning, even when I was writing the first book. I guess I could say the characters inspired The Pendleton Rule.

Bettye: Ah, the spillover effect! Gotta keep the readers happy...when they say they want to know more about two characters, you've got to honor their wishes and give them what they want. I know how that works. Iris, what would you say to readers who haven't yet read your work about why they would enjoy this book? 

Iris: I would say, reading one of my novels is like finding a new love, or a new best friend. You want to spend your time getting to know everything about them. The books have characters you want to hate, some you will definitely love and some where all you can do is shake your head and wonder what on earth possessed you.

Bettye: Did you hear that, readers? If you like characters who are fully developed, this is the author for you!  And Iris has a large backlist of titles to dig into!

Any special plans for Valentine's Day, Iris?

Iris: I never plan Valentine’s Day. My sweetie of 22 years always plans Valentine’s Day. I never know what we are going to do until that morning. However, I do know the night will end with a red box with something sexy in it. :)

Bettye: Well, I wish you a Happy and a Sexy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie!

Readers, The Pendleton Rule is now in effect at Amazon and Nook!  
February 5, 2013

Review This

There is an interesting post about What Makes a Review Fair? over at The Writer's Guide to ePublishing (WG2E). Guest blogger Talli Roland makes some highly sensible guidelines for writing book reviews. It's worth a look!
February 4, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  AlTonya Washington

AlTonya Washington, author of the wildly popular Ramsey series, has a new Kimani Romance eBook out (the print copy was published last month, the eBook on February 1st).  She's joining me today to give readers the scoop:

Bettye: AlTonya, what's your new novel about? 

AlTonya: In Provocative TerritoryElias Joss, construction entrepreneur, workaholic, a serious, sexy specimen who has vowed to never be the kind of man his father was. Clarissa David, general manager of her aunt’s chain of gentleman’s clubs, a workaholic in her own right and a curvaceous petite beauty who is the image of the woman Elias’ father almost left his family for. When Elias falls and falls hard for his company’s newest client he berates himself to no end and can’t help but wonder whether he’s got more of his father’s players instinct than he would like. Clarissa is more than a little curious about what she’s done to rile the tall, teal-eyed male but can’t argue the fact that he’s far too provocative for his own good…or hers.

Bettye: I've gotta tell you I love the name Elias. I like the part about women owning gentlemen's clubs...sets sexism back a few pegs, doesn't it?  What inspired you to write this particular storyline?

      AlTonya: From time to time, I sit and jot down ideas (usually a sentence or two) about a basic premise for a story I’d like to write. I compile all these brief ideas in a folder, and my ‘idea’ for this story came to me one day at my desk (day job desk). I thought about the chain of events that might occur when a man meets a beautiful woman and is struck by twin emotions of intrigue and irritation because she is a dead ringer for the woman his father almost left his mother for. Furthermore, the beautiful woman who has intrigued the hero is the niece of his father’s mistress.

Bettye: Great minds think alike.  I have a similar plotline in my own Idea file.  I watched a old movie biopic of a female scientist, looked up her life story, and found something scandalous with such a wonderful twist I couldn't believe it really happened.  But I digress...onto my next question. Your longtime fans will no doubt pick up this book, but why would you tell readers not familiar with your work why they should read it?  

AlTonya: There’s a lot more going on here than the initial issues between the hero and heroine. The storyline goes a lot deeper than Elias's perspective regarding Clarissa’s looks. The unexpected cancellation of another of Elias’s construction jobs rouses a chain of curious revelations that lead suspicion right back to the gentlemen’s clubs owned by Clarissa’s aunt. I think readers will enjoy the gradual progression of the events that comprise this book. During the writing, I was consistently amazed by how these characters really dictated the story. I think that fact made for a very interesting unfolding of the details and believe readers will find it an enjoyable read.

Bettye: I enjoy a nicely layered romance myself. Any special plans for Valentine's Day, AlTonya?

      AlTonya: Well…that’s a Thursday, so chances are I’ll be working the library desk that evening. But I won’t complain as long as I have a new episode of Vampire Diaries on the DVR and waiting for me when I get home! J  

Bettye: Thanks for stopping by the blog, AlTonya...and Happy Valentine's Day!  

AlTonya's latest, Provocative Territory, is available in both print and eBook at Amazon, Nook, and eHarlequin!
February 1, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Chicki Brown

Chicki Brown, author of Ain't Too Proud to Beg, has a brand new novella out just in time for Valentine's Day!  She's here for a mini-interview to tell us all about it...

Bettye:  Chicki, what's your novella about?

Chicki:  You Make Me Feel Brand New is the story of personal chef Jan Davis, a forty-seven-year-old divorcee who falls in love with sports management agent Mac Sinclair, a man eleven years her junior, and how her daughters and his mother react to the relationship.

Bettye: Mmm, yummy. Sex and food, two of my favorites. What can be better? Can you share your inspiration for writing it?

Chicki: This novelette was originally part of a novel about four women over the age of forty, each facing a major life decision. When I wrote the original manuscript, “girlfriend” stories were very popular. By the time I went through the traditional publishing submission route, these stories were no longer hot, so I broke the book up into four stories that I could expand and then self-publish.

I came up with the idea when I considered how my own daughters, who have very different personalities, might react to their mother being in a situation like Jan’s.

Bettye: Sounds like a winner. I personally have always enjoyed the multi-female books.  I wrote one called Once Upon A Project, published in 2008, which was also about four women facing major life decisions, except my group was about to turn 50.  I must say, I'm intrigued by Jan's particular dilemma.  If you're gonna have an issue that causes static in your life, you might as well get some good sex out of the deal, right?

What would you say to those readers who haven't yet read your books about why they would like this particular title?

Chicki: I think if most women are honest, they will confess they have thought at least once about what it might be like to be involved with a hot, younger man. A May/December romance can be a hot button issue, and I believe readers with see the story from the point of view of either Jan, her daughters or Mac’s mother.

Bettye: I know I daydream about it!  My fantasy men have gotten a little older, though, as I've aged.  It used to be Idris Elba; now it's Eamonn Walker...and I've always had a crush on George Clooney.  The age difference there isn't enough to raise any eyebrows--only about four or five years--but they're definitely hot!  

Tell us, do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?

Chicki: No. My books are way more romantic than my real life. After you’ve been married for thirty-six years, making a big deal over one day is no longer important. LOL!

Bettye: Well, whatever you do, enjoy!  And thanks for stopping in to tell readers about your new novella!

You Make Me Feel Brand New is available now for Kindle and Nook.  It's also available at Kobo for all of us with Sony or Kobo eReaders that take ePUB. Download your copy today, and get your romance on!