February 25, 2013

Movie Trivia Winners and Answers

First, the winners:

I added 4th and 5th place winners:  5th place with 250 points - Patsy Nelson.  4th place with 270 points - Elizabeth Robinson.

3rd place with 300 points - Darla Moore

2nd place with 350 points - Ollie Moss

1st place with 390 points - Severine Johnson

Congratulations to all the winners!  We're expecting snow on Tuesday, so I'll get your prizes out to you later in the week.

Now, for the answers:

2/15:  The barmaid was played by Cicely Tyson.  The woman at the bar was Carmen de Lavallade.

2/16:  The composer of theme from The Blob was Burt Bachrach.  The lyricist he teamed up with a few years later was Hal David (brother of Mack David, who wrote the lyrics for The Blob).  The singer who recorded many of their songs was Dionne Warwick.

2/17:  Ninotchka, The Wizard of Oz, The Women, Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights
All released in 1939 (anyone who mentioned 1939 got the bonus points)

2/18:  William Frawley, Art Evans, Butterfly McQueen (2 photos), Charles Durning, Irma P. Hall

2/19:  Mutiny on the Bounty, On the Waterfront, The Godfather, Guys and Dolls, A Streetcar Named Desire
All starred Marlon Brando

2/20:   Working Girl, Stage Door, Tower Heist, 27 Dresses, Laura
All were set in New York City

2/21:  Shaft, Goldfinger, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, King Creole, Cinderella Liberty, Mo' Better Blues, Ghostbusters, Midnight Cowboy, A Summer Place
No bonus question due to my error.  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was composed by Hugo Montenegro, and so was music from another movie I forgot to include!  My bad.

2/22:  Road to Perdition, Home Alone, Child's Play, Soul Food, Bridesmaids
All were set in Chicago

2/23:  Joel McCrea (2 photos), Gary Cooper (1 video clip, 1 photo), Herb Jeffries, Errol Flynn (2 photos), Fred MacMurray (2 photos), Tyrone Power
The lone surviving actor is Herb Jeffries (born 09/24/2013), presently 7 months away from his 100th birthday.  He was known as "The Bronze Buckaroo" and appeared in a lot of black Westerns.

I hope everyone had fun.  Maybe we'll do it again next year (depending on my schedule of releases; I'm reluctant to offer too many gift cards in case of five-way ties, LOL).


Ollie said...

I had a BLAST!!!!

Thank you,

Ollie Moss