February 14, 2013

The Valentine Interviews Summary, Plus other books available now and coming soon

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I hope you've all enjoyed the mini-interviews with the authors who have stopped in to chew the fat about their latest offerings. All these sound like fascinating reads, and I do hope you'll download them (or get print copies where available).  To recap the authors and their books/stories:

Chicki Brown:  You Make Me Feel Brand New

AlTonya Washington:  Provocative Territory

Iris Bolling:  The Pendleton Rule

Deborah Fletcher Mello:  Passionate Premiere

Lynn Emery:  Sweet Mystery, A Darker Shade of Midnight audiobook

Shirley Hailstock:  Legacy


There are a couple of other new books out from authors I didn't get a chance to interview that I want to tell you about now.

Michelle Monkou has made her Arabesque romance Finders Keepers available as an eBook for the first time:

"Nicole Montgomery, a new B&B owner, who has to deal with the rigors of running a business that she's uncertain of its future, but definitely passionate for the tumultous endeavor. Meanwhile, Brad Calverton, travel reviewer, has the power in his hand, or more like his pen, to make or break this B&B's reputation." 

Her gal pals, on the other hand, want to see Nicole take a breather and pursue matters of the heart with the likes of world-traveler Brad. The couple try, but the past and present demons of greed, betrayal, and heartbreak constantly sabotage their chances...or does it?

Also, Keith Thomas Walker debuts a new eBook, The Realest Ever:

"Donovan was Kyra’s best friend. He was her protector, the only source of love Kyra knew in her turbulent childhood years. Donovan didn’t think he would survive when Kyra was ripped out of his life when they were teenagers. Fifteen years later Kyra returns to Overbrook Meadows, battle-scarred and weary. Donovan was a boy the last time she saw him. Now he’s a grown, beautiful and almost married man. Donovan easily resumes his role as Kyra’s comforter. She’d be a fool to expect anything more, but Kyra’s body still yearns for the one kiss they shared so many years ago…"


Finally, I had hoped to have my own latest eBook, Man of Her Heart, available for download by now, but while the book itself is complete the publishing process is not, but it's coming your way in the next few days!  Here's the cover art (which is still being tweaked):

This is the sequel (although is a stand-alone story) to Something Real, which ended with a cliffhanger three months ago.  In this story readers will get the resolution to Liv and Brian's tortuous romance.  For those not familiar with these connecting stories of three women, friends since adolescence, Genevieve L'Esperance (who is using an a fictitious last name to help protect a huge secret) is the first to fall in love, with medical school graduate and current law school student Dexter Gray, whose dream of becoming a medical malpractice attorney is on the line because he's out of loans and out of cash with just one semester to go. Their road to romance is told in Save The Best For Last.

Next up is Francesca Perry, Cesca to her friends, whose mistreatment, along with that of her family members, by law enforcement has left a deep scar on her psyche.  She is forced to rethink her feelings when she meets a member of New York's Finest, Terrence Gulliver, in Something Real.

Olivia (known as Liv or Livvy) Oliveira's long-held crush on magazine publisher Brian Price, whose parents and grandfather employ her parents, becomes a reality in the aforementioned book that exceeds her wildest expectations, but she is forced to walk away from the love of her life. Her life takes a turn she never would have predicted, but true love can't be denied, and she finds her way back to the...Man of Her Heart. I will be offering a special introductory price at my eStore for this eBook, as well as a

There's some good reading here, folks!  I wish you love this Valentine's Day...and, as always, good reading!