February 6, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Iris Bolling

I'm pleased to welcome Iris Bolling to Chewing The Fat. Iris is the author of the popular Gems and Gents series.  Her latest novel, The Pendleton Rule, went into effect (was published) January 31st.

Bettye: Iris, tell us what you book is about.

Iris: A year ago, Tyrone “Ty” Pendleton connected with Kendra “Kiki” Simmons due to their friends’ dilemma. They shared months of hot passion that neither will ever forget. An emotional difference of opinion created a rift the couple could not overcome.

Proud and stubborn, literary agent Kiki moved to New York to work with her father’s publishing company and to put distance between her and the man who controls her heart.

Successful entertainment agent, Ty, accepted Kiki’s decision to walk away and moved on with his life—until danger surfaced, threatening her life and the lives of others connected to him.

Bound together by uncontrollable forces, Ty and Kiki search for their enemy while trying to resist the passion that burns within—without dying or breaking…The Pendleton Rule.

Bettye: I love that title, BTW.  Can you share your inspiration for writing it?

Iris: The responses to my novel, Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate, always had one question...What happened to Tyrone and Kiki? The Pendleton Rule is the response to that question. The nerd-like, always-taking-care-of-others Ty and the spicy, smart-mouthed Kiki had chemistry from the beginning, even when I was writing the first book. I guess I could say the characters inspired The Pendleton Rule.

Bettye: Ah, the spillover effect! Gotta keep the readers happy...when they say they want to know more about two characters, you've got to honor their wishes and give them what they want. I know how that works. Iris, what would you say to readers who haven't yet read your work about why they would enjoy this book? 

Iris: I would say, reading one of my novels is like finding a new love, or a new best friend. You want to spend your time getting to know everything about them. The books have characters you want to hate, some you will definitely love and some where all you can do is shake your head and wonder what on earth possessed you.

Bettye: Did you hear that, readers? If you like characters who are fully developed, this is the author for you!  And Iris has a large backlist of titles to dig into!

Any special plans for Valentine's Day, Iris?

Iris: I never plan Valentine’s Day. My sweetie of 22 years always plans Valentine’s Day. I never know what we are going to do until that morning. However, I do know the night will end with a red box with something sexy in it. :)

Bettye: Well, I wish you a Happy and a Sexy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie!

Readers, The Pendleton Rule is now in effect at Amazon and Nook!  


'Cilla said...

Great interview :-)

Iris B. said...

Thanks for stopping by Cilla. Happy Valentine's Day.