February 4, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  AlTonya Washington

AlTonya Washington, author of the wildly popular Ramsey series, has a new Kimani Romance eBook out (the print copy was published last month, the eBook on February 1st).  She's joining me today to give readers the scoop:

Bettye: AlTonya, what's your new novel about? 

AlTonya: In Provocative TerritoryElias Joss, construction entrepreneur, workaholic, a serious, sexy specimen who has vowed to never be the kind of man his father was. Clarissa David, general manager of her aunt’s chain of gentleman’s clubs, a workaholic in her own right and a curvaceous petite beauty who is the image of the woman Elias’ father almost left his family for. When Elias falls and falls hard for his company’s newest client he berates himself to no end and can’t help but wonder whether he’s got more of his father’s players instinct than he would like. Clarissa is more than a little curious about what she’s done to rile the tall, teal-eyed male but can’t argue the fact that he’s far too provocative for his own good…or hers.

Bettye: I've gotta tell you I love the name Elias. I like the part about women owning gentlemen's clubs...sets sexism back a few pegs, doesn't it?  What inspired you to write this particular storyline?

      AlTonya: From time to time, I sit and jot down ideas (usually a sentence or two) about a basic premise for a story I’d like to write. I compile all these brief ideas in a folder, and my ‘idea’ for this story came to me one day at my desk (day job desk). I thought about the chain of events that might occur when a man meets a beautiful woman and is struck by twin emotions of intrigue and irritation because she is a dead ringer for the woman his father almost left his mother for. Furthermore, the beautiful woman who has intrigued the hero is the niece of his father’s mistress.

Bettye: Great minds think alike.  I have a similar plotline in my own Idea file.  I watched a old movie biopic of a female scientist, looked up her life story, and found something scandalous with such a wonderful twist I couldn't believe it really happened.  But I digress...onto my next question. Your longtime fans will no doubt pick up this book, but why would you tell readers not familiar with your work why they should read it?  

AlTonya: There’s a lot more going on here than the initial issues between the hero and heroine. The storyline goes a lot deeper than Elias's perspective regarding Clarissa’s looks. The unexpected cancellation of another of Elias’s construction jobs rouses a chain of curious revelations that lead suspicion right back to the gentlemen’s clubs owned by Clarissa’s aunt. I think readers will enjoy the gradual progression of the events that comprise this book. During the writing, I was consistently amazed by how these characters really dictated the story. I think that fact made for a very interesting unfolding of the details and believe readers will find it an enjoyable read.

Bettye: I enjoy a nicely layered romance myself. Any special plans for Valentine's Day, AlTonya?

      AlTonya: Well…that’s a Thursday, so chances are I’ll be working the library desk that evening. But I won’t complain as long as I have a new episode of Vampire Diaries on the DVR and waiting for me when I get home! J  

Bettye: Thanks for stopping by the blog, AlTonya...and Happy Valentine's Day!  

AlTonya's latest, Provocative Territory, is available in both print and eBook at Amazon, Nook, and eHarlequin!