April 6, 2015

On the move

"Isn't moving one of the seven major traumas?  Death, divorce, colonoscopy..." - Det. Lenny Briscoe (played by the late Jerry Orbach), Law & Order

I haven't been online a whole lot in recent weeks because my husband and I moved a week-and-a-half ago.  Looking for a "retirement cottage" has dominated our lives since last August.  We took some time off to regroup from what seemed like a never-ending search when our real estate agent became ill just before Thanksgiving (sadly, by January she was in hospice and she passed away in February at the age of 52 from recurrent pancreatic cancer).

As is always the case, we knew the moment we walked into the 1932 Tudor that this was it.  We decided ahead of time to make a complete change from the brand-new house in a subdivision thing and buy a house on a regular street with no restrictions on things like hanging our laundry out to dry in our yard, provided the yard was private and fenced in (which it is).

This house represents the first one we've owned that other people have lived in previously; our other two homes were both purchased brand new.  Fortunately, this house in addition to having plenty of room, had the features we were hoping for, like light dimmers, ceiling fans, and a cemented patio.

The move has been remarkably organized, considering we are also selling our existing house and have to get it prepared.  But it's a huge job, so I don't know how long I'll be away from the Internet.

Do you have any stories about moving, good or bad,  you'd like to share?