February 16, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/16

Reminder:  Email your answers to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces) with "Movie Trivia 2/16" in the subject line.  Include your full name with your entry.

The following audio clip is the bouncy rock-and-roll theme to a youth-oriented 1950s movie, from the single that was released.  (Note that the lyrics don't begin until 36 seconds in.)  This was an early hit for its composer, who a few years later hooked up with a new lyricist and got an unknown session singer whose voice he liked to record one of their compositions, thus beginning a very fruitful partnership..

a) Ten points for the name of the composer. 
b) Ten points for the name of the lyricist with whom he created songs during his most successful period.
c) Ten points for the name of the female singer who had multiple hits with their music.