February 21, 2013

Movie Trivia 2/21

Just three more days to go!

Movie Trivia 2/21:

Reminder:  Do NOT post answers here.  Email them to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (no spaces), and include your full name. 

It’s soundtrack time!  I must say I had a lot of fun with this one.  Today’s audio clip with art is 8 minutes long and features 9 pieces of music:  Some are themes, some are title music (that plays over opening credits), one is a song featured in a film.  The "?" picture will indicate a new piece of music is about to start, and I have alternated the pictures to help you keep track.  Some clips are longer than others, but most are at least 30 seconds long.  

For 10 points each, name each film the music comes from (and be forewarned, there are a couple of toughies in there).

For a 20-point bonus (yes, 20 points), name which two (identifying by number) that were created by the same composer. You can always guess.  So grab a pen and paper and listen!