February 1, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Chicki Brown

Chicki Brown, author of Ain't Too Proud to Beg, has a brand new novella out just in time for Valentine's Day!  She's here for a mini-interview to tell us all about it...

Bettye:  Chicki, what's your novella about?

Chicki:  You Make Me Feel Brand New is the story of personal chef Jan Davis, a forty-seven-year-old divorcee who falls in love with sports management agent Mac Sinclair, a man eleven years her junior, and how her daughters and his mother react to the relationship.

Bettye: Mmm, yummy. Sex and food, two of my favorites. What can be better? Can you share your inspiration for writing it?

Chicki: This novelette was originally part of a novel about four women over the age of forty, each facing a major life decision. When I wrote the original manuscript, “girlfriend” stories were very popular. By the time I went through the traditional publishing submission route, these stories were no longer hot, so I broke the book up into four stories that I could expand and then self-publish.

I came up with the idea when I considered how my own daughters, who have very different personalities, might react to their mother being in a situation like Jan’s.

Bettye: Sounds like a winner. I personally have always enjoyed the multi-female books.  I wrote one called Once Upon A Project, published in 2008, which was also about four women facing major life decisions, except my group was about to turn 50.  I must say, I'm intrigued by Jan's particular dilemma.  If you're gonna have an issue that causes static in your life, you might as well get some good sex out of the deal, right?

What would you say to those readers who haven't yet read your books about why they would like this particular title?

Chicki: I think if most women are honest, they will confess they have thought at least once about what it might be like to be involved with a hot, younger man. A May/December romance can be a hot button issue, and I believe readers with see the story from the point of view of either Jan, her daughters or Mac’s mother.

Bettye: I know I daydream about it!  My fantasy men have gotten a little older, though, as I've aged.  It used to be Idris Elba; now it's Eamonn Walker...and I've always had a crush on George Clooney.  The age difference there isn't enough to raise any eyebrows--only about four or five years--but they're definitely hot!  

Tell us, do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?

Chicki: No. My books are way more romantic than my real life. After you’ve been married for thirty-six years, making a big deal over one day is no longer important. LOL!

Bettye: Well, whatever you do, enjoy!  And thanks for stopping in to tell readers about your new novella!

You Make Me Feel Brand New is available now for Kindle and Nook.  It's also available at Kobo for all of us with Sony or Kobo eReaders that take ePUB. Download your copy today, and get your romance on!


Chicki said...

It was pleasure visiting with you today, Bettye! Thanks for having me. :)