February 8, 2013

The Valentine Interviews:  Deborah Fletcher Mello

Today Deborah Fletcher Mello, author of the Stallion series, stops by to chew the fat about her latest Kimani Romance, Passionate Premiere.

Bettye: Debby, tell us what Passionate Premiere is about.

Deborah: Passionate Premiere is the first official book in the Boudreaux Family series.  Renowned actor Guy Boudreaux meets his match in famed filmmaker Dahlia Morrow.  With a reputation for having left a trail of broken hearts behind her, Dahlia isn’t at all happy when the bad-boy actor tempts her to mix business with pleasure.

Bettye: I have to tell you that I'm fascinated with the filmmaking process, so a heroine in that profession has strong appeal for me. Early reviews show this is already an audience favorite. What inspired you to write this particular storyline?

Deborah: The Boudreaux Family was a natural spin off from my Stallion family series.  In my book Seduced by a Stallion, Katrina Boudreaux married Matthew Stallion and her brother Mason Boudreaux meets the love of his life, the newly discovered Stallion sister, Phaedra Parrish, in my book Forever A Stallion.  As this family started to develop I loved everything about them.  I was most enamored with the fact that they weren’t all billionaire playboys which allows me a wealth of flexibility with their storylines and my writing.

Bettye: I know what you mean...a few billion goes a long way, and I'm not just talking about the bucks. If someone told you they weren't familiar with your work, what would you say to try to convince them to read your new book? 

Deborah: I think readers will like Passionate Premiere because Guy and Dahlia are just a likeable couple.  They’re both building high profile careers and learning how to balance both their professional and personal lives.  They’re also exceptionally passionate with each other and it made for a few really steamy sex scenes.

Bettye: Mmm...A high likeability factor, and steamy sex, too. 

Any special plans for Valentine's Day, Debby?

Deborah: Every day with my favorite guy is Valentine’s Day!  We spend a lot of quality time with each other.  He makes my heart sing and inspires most of my stories.  I’m sure this Valentine’s Day will have its share of surprises for us both.

Bettye: I always felt that love is better than anything...Thanks, Debby!

Passionate Premiere is now available at Amazon, Nook, and eHarlequin! Download a copy (or pick up a print copy), and fall in love with the Boudreauxes!