March 4, 2013

Guest Blogger:  Shelia Goss

Bettye says:  I've had a very busy week, with a foot of snow (the wet, heavy kind that repeatedly clogs the snowblower), a couple of longish dental and medical appointments, my elderly mother arriving for a visit ill, and being late mailing out prizes to winners of my Movie Trivia contest that ended on Oscar night.  I spent Saturday at a funeral in Milwaukee and Sunday at the walk-in clinic at the local hospital with my mom (whose cold turned into bronchitis but fortunately not pneumonia).

Whew!  So as I begin a new week (and prepare for another 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow), I'm still exhausted.  Fortunately, my friend and fellow author, Shelia Goss, has a new eBook out and agreed to write a guest column.

Shelia is, as I never get tired of saying, one of the first traditionally published authors to dip her toe into the indie publishing market, and her success (her short story Love UnExpected was a presence on Amazon's Top 100 list of African-American romances for months and months) inspired me to try it myself.  Hard to believe that we have never found ourselves in the same location simultaneously and have still not met face-to-face, but through the magic of the Internet, we are friends, and I hope to one day work with her.

Take it away, Shelia, with my heartfelt thanks!  I'm going to make my mom some breakfast...


Shelia says: Hi, Bettye!  I'm happy to take over your blog for the day.  Man of Honor is my latest eBook release.  It's considered a Love Bite. What is a Love Bite, you ask?  Love Bites are short romantic stories that are offered as eBooks. 

Before I write my stories, whether it's a full-length novel or a short story, I like to interview my characters. I want to share with your readers a behind-the-scenes conversation with the three main characters of Man of Honor

Here we go:

Shelia Goss: Adam, please tell the readers who you are.

Adam: My name is Adam Bennett. I'm the manager for R & B singer Sasha Hayes.

Sasha: He's more than that. He's also my best friend.

Jared Logan: I thought I was your best friend.

Sasha: Jared, you're my man. Adam and I have been friends for years.

Jared: Adam...Adam...Adam. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing his name.

Sasha: He's my manager, so you better get used to it.

Adam:  I'm only concerned about Sasha's well being.

Jared: That's my job now, so you need to chill out.

Sasha: Fellows, no need for the hostility.

Adam: You need to check your man, because he's the one who seems to have the problem.

Jared: Adam, you are my problem.

Sasha: Jared, enough. Adam's been there for me when no one else was. You just have to get used to our relationship, and it won't be such a big deal.

Jared: Whatever. I got football practice. I'll catch up with you later. And Adam, I got my eye on you.

Shelia Goss:  Adam, it seems like there's some tension between you and Jared. Would you like to elaborate?

Adam: No comment.

Sasha: They both want to control me, but no one controls me. I'm the boss of me.

Adam: Sasha, I'm not trying to control you. I only want the best for you. Haven't I shown you that these last five years?

Sasha: Yes, Adam, but sometimes you can be a little overbearing.

Adam: That's because I have to be.

Sasha: It would be nice to see more of your fun side.

Shelia Goss: I hate to switch the subject but time is winding down. I love writing about romance, so Sasha, tell me, how did you end up with one of the top NFL players? 

Sasha: Jared and I met at a party hosted by a mutual friend of ours.

Shelia Goss: Do I see wedding bells in your future?

Sasha: Only time will tell.

Adam: Marriage doesn't mix with your fast-paced career.

Sasha: I'm almost thirty. I want to have kids. If I don't settle down now, I'll be too old to have kids.

Adam:  I don't think you can do both.

Sasha: Ignore Adam. What he needs to do is stay out of my love life and find him somebody. Are you available?

Shelia Goss: Sasha, this interview isn't about me, so I'll do like Adam and respond: No comment.

Sasha: If and when I do get married, Adam is going to be my man of honor.

Adam: I think it's time to end this interview.


Man of Honor by Shelia Goss is a romantic appetizer. Author Angelia Vernon Menchan describes Man of Honor as "...that quintessential love story that involves unrequited love and a love triangle...Man of Honor is a short story that packs a wallop with secrets and heat."

Man of Honor is available for Kindle at Amazon and for Nook at Barnes & Noble.

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