March 15, 2013

First Look:  eBook cover, A Love For All Seasons

My cover designer, Sean Young of Young Creations, and I had such a hard time with this cover.  We both loved the picture I originally chose, but eventually we decided it wasn't working.  I then gave her three pictures I really liked for her to decide which one would make the most attractive cover.  She eliminated two of them for reasons related to her graphic arts expertise, saying they wouldn't look so hot on a cover.  This is the picture she chose, and what she did with it.

Is she talented, or what?

A Love For All Seasons (which is actually a backlist title, not a brand new book) should be available by the first part of next week at the earliest.  As has quickly become tradition for me, I will be pricing it $1 cheaper at my eStore as an introductory rate, effective for the first 30 days. I'll also be offering a Bunderful Sampler for this (a free download at the Bunderful Books website).  Note that this sampler will not be available until the book is for sale at all retailers; to offer a Sampler without including a purchase link is rather pointless...