March 31, 2013

The Bunderful Bundle

Happy Easter, everyone!  I attended church services on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.  I personally don't like attending Easter services...too many people who only show up once a year, clogging up the parking lot and showing off their new clothes.  I've considered going to sunrise service, but have yet to be able to get to church by 6AM...

Anyway, I wanted to inform you about the Bunderful Sampler.  It's a FREE download of excerpts.  The first one I have up is a sampler of three related storylines, Save The Best For Last, Something Real, and Man of Her Heart.  This sample runs nearly 14,000 words.  Simply choose which type of file you want for your device (MOBI, ePUB, or PDF) and download!  Check it out at the Bunderful Books website...and watch for more Samplers coming soon, as well as a FREE short story prequel to an upcoming eBook!