March 16, 2013

Meanwhile, in the blogosphere...

There are so many interesting articles in the blogosphere about writing and publishing.  I thought I'd share a few.

Author Marie Force had her first book published in 2007, just seven years ago.  She is now a bestselling author, writing for traditional publishers as well as having a very lucrative career in indie publishing.  Read her interview, in which she talks about the path to her success, here.

Author and publisher Bob Mayer talks about what he sees ahead for publishing, including paths he feels indie writers should take for success.  Fascinating stuff, and you can read it here.

Finally, Joe Konrath's blog is so widely read, I wasn't sure if I should even include this one because chances are anyone reading this has seen it already, but he has a highly informative post about a survey Harlequin is asking its authors to complete.  He isn't a Harlequin author, but he answers their questions.  Read what he has to say here.


Anonymous said...

Thx for the tips. I'd read Konrath's HQ piece, but not the other two. Interesting.--Reon

Ey Wade said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd missed these.