Yeah, I'm Still Alive

I can't remember the last time I posted. I usually write on my laptop and wrote something yesterday, but my wireless adaptor broke the other day, and the one I bought to replace it doesn't work. I don't know when I'll get it back to the store (returning stuff is such a pain in the ass.) Plus today I had a root canal at my new dentist, realizing midway through that he never asked me about any medical conditions (I have a heart murmur and am supposed to take antibiotics prior to any dental procedure.) Of course, the dentist, after assuring me that such occurrences are rare, promptly gave me a prescription to Cover His Ass (I'll be taking four times as many pills as usual, since it's after the fact.) I called my husband on the way to the pharmacy, telling him that if I drop dead of a bacterial infection the antibiotics were supposed to prevent, to make sure he gets paid.

Now, I've been coughing since I've been home, and my chest feels funny . . . .

It's probably just the writer in me that gives me this flair for the dramatic. I'm not planning on going anywhere.