Politics as Usual

The folks who are in danger of losing their homes will be getting their rates frozen, provided they are up to date on their payments.

This has been in the news for over a year now, but they wait until now to do anything about it? My heart goes out to all the people who lost homes last year and earlier this year. These people got screwed, just like the people of Oklahoma City got screwed. The reasons are different (politics and racism). The bottom line is the same.

Nobody cares about people being blown to bits if it was done by white boys (but if it's Muslims doing the deed, the victims' families get millions, national fundraisers are held, the whole nine yards). Nobody cares about the thousands of people literally losing the roofs over their heads unless it's close to an election year so the party in power can take credit and stand up, pound their chests, and say, "Vote for us! We saved your house!" They'd better hope that the people on the verge of losing their houses outnumber the people who've already lost theirs.

I am happy for those whose homes will be saved, but saddened for those for whom this comes too late. And my gut tells me they won't take the politicizing of their personal tragedies for political gain without expressing just how they feel.


Patricia W. said...

I didn't hear Bush's announcement so maybe I'm missing something but if they are "up to date on their payments", how are they in danger of losing their homes?

Seems to me, the folks who need help are those who are behind and struggling to find a way to catch up.

bettye griffin said...

Good point! I should have clarified that. It has to do with those facing the expiration of teaser rates and increased mortgage payments of hundreds of dollars, which is where so many folks got into trouble. It really should be illegal for lenders to offer loans where, after a certain introductory period, call for borrowers to pony up an extra $600 or $700 a month; most can't do it.

Thanks for posting and for asking hat excellent question!

Patricia W. said...

Well that helps the folks who aren't in trouble yet really. But what about the ones who are already sinking? Couldn't the government have offered some financial help/relief to them?

bettye griffin said...

Of course they could! But will they? I don't think so. They just want to make themselves look good to try to get votes. They say Nixon could have ended our involvement in Vietnam in 1969, but he postponed it until 1972 because he felt that pointing to his accomplishment would help him get re-elected. And, of course, it did. Never mind that so many more soldiers died in the interim.

It's enough to make a person ill.

Shelia said...

I heard about this...its a good thing but as you mentioned, it comes too late for some.