Merry Christmas . . . and to all a good night

I'm busy with holiday preparations (I don't put up the tree until a few days before Christmas), preparing for house guests, plans to celebrate my husband's birthday (4 days after Christmas, a big day around here), and with the unexpected complication of a frozen water line in my basement (the plumber found a defect in the seal of the wall, and since our house is still under warranty it's an inconvenience in every way except financial). Put all of those together and you'll find a person who needs to take a break from her blog.

So, a Merry Christmas to all! It will definitely be a White Christmas here in Wisconsin. We're expecting a foot of snow tonight and sub-freezing temperatures for the next week (and we're prepared, having purchased a snowblower last week that we already used yesterday). I'll be back on either the last day or the next-to-the-last day of the year.


sheliagoss said...

Merry Christmas Bettye & Happy New Year and also have fun with family and friends as you celebrate Christmas and your husband's birthday.

I too am taking a blog break. I have one more post--and that's to announce the book winners this weekend and then after that--it won't be until the new year :)

PBW said...

Merry Christmas, Bettye!!!

bettye griffin said...

Shelia and Phyllis, I hope you both had a wonderful holiday season!