It's Not Your Mother's Dentist

Earlier this week I had a route canal, an experience I've had to have more times than I care to remember. But this was by far the most pleasant time I've ever had.

This was my first visit to a new endotontist in the area (moms, if your kinds are interested in dentistry, tell them there isn't an endotontist to be found between Gurnee, Illinois, clear up to Milwaukee, a distance of about 40 miles!) and, considering I picked someone who accepts our insurance, I think I hit the jackpot.

What a pleasant surprise for me when the dental assistant handed me a stack of DVDs and asked me which movie I wanted to see. I'd been wondering what that mobile overhead screen was for. I thought maybe the doc would insert my x-rays in it or something. So, feeling absolutely nothing that was going on inside my mouth, I leaned back with the headphones they provided and watched a romantic comedy called Fools Rush In that I'd always managed to miss when TBS shows it. What a marvelous concept. Before I knew it, it was time for me to get up and swallow some Tylenol . . . and hand over $400 for a 50% dental copayment (now, that hurt).

I go back next week so she can take another look at my roots (at least the entire procedure is paid for, and I'll worry about the crown later). I'm already thinking about what movie to watch. It's an expensive way to watch a movie, but it's sure better than just sitting there thinking about how silly I must look with all that apparatus in my mouth.

Have any of you ever experienced a relaxing experience while receiving medical or dental care (other than anesthesia, I mean). Tell us about it!

Have a great weekend! I'll be going to the post office this weekend (or maybe Monday, since I have off until Wednesday) and mailing some prize books (and also a gift certificate to another winner, since I'll finally be getting up to Racine to the bookstore the winner requested a certificate from).


DonnaD said...

I can't speak for me, but my son's dentist's office is quite lovely. Besides the flat screen TV's in the lobby and each exam room, there are toys galore. They don't give you a choice of movies, but the DVD's are family friendly. The staff really knows how to cater to children, giving my son cool sunglasses for x-rays, toys to hang on to while getting cleaned, stickers, a goody bag and a coin to pick a toy before he goes. So far, he's enjoyed his experience almost as much as I have.

bettye griffin said...

It's so important for doctor's and dentist's offices to cater to the kids for what can be a very scary place. And if they remember the parents, that's good, too!

Thanks for posting, Donna!

Ladysilver said...

My dentist has TV in the rooms, I wish there were headsets because I had to listen to the beginning of my root canal and will have to endure the rest of it this week.

bettye griffin said...

You have my sympathies, Ladysilver! I'm all done with my root canal. Maybe you can ask the staff if they have headphones; they might surprise you.