Juneteenth, one day late

It had been my intention to post an acknowledgment of Juneteenth on the blog yesterday. The observation of this historic occurrence has spread from its original location of Texas to all over the U.S. (an annual festival is held up in Milwaukee, for example).

Unfortunately, some wild weather hit Southeastern Wisconsin last night. A tornado touched down at the local airport, less than a mile from our house. Heavy rains and lightning and swift-moving, large black clouds that looked like they came out of a movie made for a scary experience. And while my job (where I was until 9:30PM) had power, myhome did not.

Our lights are back on, but today is now June 20th. While you enjoy your weekend, take a moment to say a prayer for the souls of those who suffered as slaves, and for those who are still struggling in poverty 140 some-odd years later.

I can't let today (not yesterday) go by without acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the most handsome men who ever graced the silver screen, Errol Flynn. Later this year will mark the 50th anniversay of this charismatic actor's premature death at age 50, by then ravaged by years of excess alcohol and an addiction to morphine, his good looks a thing of the past. But in his prime, he was a one good-looking dude.