The Stuff Books Are Made Of

On a simple trip to the post office this morning, I checked my box and found a letter addressed to me from an unknown person marked "Photo, Do Not Bend."

Inside was a picture of a family member taken 74 years ago.

Also included was a nice notecard of introduction and explanation.

Now, it wasn't as though I didn't already know of the situation pictured, but what if I hadn't? It would've have been quite a shock. And what if the note included had a sinister tone to it rather than friendly?

My writer's mind is working already on creating a story.

Here's the picture I received...but I'm not talking beyond that. You can read about it, or at least a twisted, much more interesting version of it, in a future Bettye Griffin novel.


Shelia Goss said...

What a beautiful picture. Wondering what story is brewing...I know it'll be a good one.