Reviews, reviews, reviews

A couple of new reviews on Trouble Down The Road I'd like to share:

Romance in Color gives it 4+ stars and says: "Bettye Griffin brilliantly refines thesee characters and weaves realistic scenarios into a poignant artistic guide to marital survival. The sage problem-solving skills exhibited by the characters are delightfully surprising. Emotions run high as the multidimensional characters weigh the costs of marriage--advantages and disadvantages--and realize that dirovce is not always a wise choice.

"Trouble Down The Road is a captivating melodramatic read with all the ingredients for a blockbuster movie--sexy characters with wealth, illicit affairs, deceit, lies, prestige, status, and dysfunctional extended family members. I highly recommend reading Trouble Down The Road as well as the previous books that introduced the characters."

OOSA Online Book Club gives it 3.5 stars and says: "Trouble Down The Road was a good read. There were plenty of issues and drama that comes along with having that almighty dollar. I enjoyed it. It will amaze you some of the actions that were taking place in this novel. Nice summer read that will pass the time."

Have you gotten your copy yet?