So how was YOUR day?

Yesterday at work I took a call from one of the hospital's radiologists, Dr. "Smith," who said that his colleague, Dr. Jones, dictated the x-ray results of his patient, Patterson, under the name of Dr. Smith's patient, Peterson. Dr. Smith said he would be reading the x-rays of Peterson and would be dictating them, while Dr. Jones would re-dictate Patterson's results under Patterson's name instead of Peterson's. All I had to do was remove the erroneous transcript on Peterson that really belongs to Patterson, and all would be well.

It's not a job, it's an Abbott and Costello comedy routine! Who's on first...?


Shelia G said...

I wonder if they even realized how they were coming across.

KstyleFit said...

I had to read this like 4 times for it to make sense, and it still was crazy. These are supposed to be doctors??

bettye griffin said...

Y'all try not to be too hard on the good docs (and yes, they are highly paid radiologists). It was just one heck of a mixup! And when I conveyed it on to the person in charge of radiology transcripts, she was completely nonplussed. Makes me wonder how often this happens. But I always try to have any diagnostic testing done off site rather than at a hospital...not only is it cheaper, but I think there might be less chance of a mixup.