At the movies

As a lover of movies, I'm enjoying Turner Classic Movies' presentation of 31 Days of Oscar. Every time I see the 1953 Best Picture winner, From Here To Eternity, I have to wonder if the producers meant to have Burt Lancaster's respond the way he did when Deborah Kerr informs him, "I'm wearing a swimsuit under my dress." His reply: "Me, too." Since he wore a suit and tie rather than than a dress, this line always seemed out of place to me in an otherwise near-perfect film (albeit one that requires much reading between the lines due to the motion picture code in place at the time). Being a writer and interested in character development, I wonder about this every time I see the movie, and I've finally decided I think they deliberately chose not to rephrase the reply.

The deciding factor for me was the rather goofy grin that accompanied Lancaster's character's response, which clearly showed a man besotted with the woman he's with. He didn't care about making sense; he wanted to take that famous swim and kiss in the waves.

Have you ever seen a movie where a line seemed out of place? Do you think it was an oversight or done on purpose to fit the character?