The Week in Review

Donald Trump (the Chump) made it official...he's not running for President. He then hemmed and hawed about an invitation he accepted from the Iowan Republican Party to be their keynote speaker at a major fundraiser before finally pulling out. I'm still scratching my head over why they would invite an undeclared candidate to be the main attraction...what did they think would happen if he decided against running (and many said it would never happen)? Maybe he dismissed them as a bunch of goobers who don't count, but in Iowa, as one man put it, "A man's word is his bond." So in Iowa, Trump is in the dumps.

We all had an a-ha moment at the revelation about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child. For now the salacious reporting seems to have died down, with the press camped out on the quiet street where the boy lives with his mother (in a nearly $300,000 house...payoff, anyone?)disrupting everything, after the mother's name, photograph, and even the name of the street she lives on was published. I was afraid the media wouldn't rest before they got a shot of the minor child. But I have to makes me ill to think of Arnold puffing out his already overdeveloped chest as he watched both his wife and his housekeeper walk around with swollen bellies, knowing he impregnated them both. Ugh.

President Obama is having a major disagreement with the Israeli government over his suggestion that the pre-1967 borders be a starting point for future negotiations. Republicans were quick to jump on the President, saying he's anti-Israel, calling his words "dangerous," "a disaster waiting to happen," and accusing him of "throwing Israel under the bus." Yet President Bush II while in office said he supported use of the post 1949-borders...which essentially the same thing, referring to the agreement time period after the 1948 conflict and before the 1967 conflict. I'd love to see the GOP contenders explain why it was all right for Bush to take that position but not for Obama. Yeah, I know why it was all right, but I'd like to hear them explain it. Because it's purely partisan. These "party animals" are getting on my nerves.

Finally, Tim Pawlenty plans to make his candidacy official next week, bringing to mind that song from Porgy & Bess: "I've got Pawlenty of nuttin'..."

Have a great weekend!