October 15, 2011

The Week in Review

Ah, politics!  Chris Christie, after removing himself from consideration, stated he was not ready to endorse anyone.  Two days later, he endorsed Mitt Romney.  There were a few news stories about the endorsement, but Romney's numbers went nowhere.  Instead, there's a new guy on top of the totem pole.

The latest catchphrase: 9/9/9.  Herman Cain has made it to the top of the GOP field with his oft-proclaimed solution for our country's economic woes.  I predict that this severely flawed plan (which includes a 9% federal sales tax on top of all the local taxes being paid for gas, clothing, and other merchandise, and to even include groceries) will never go anywhere, but it just goes to show, if you're the only one offering a plan, people will listen.  Cain's rivals for the nominations have nothing except criticism for President Obama, and that will only carry a person so far.

MSNBC's Chris Mathews asks "Is Cain able?" My answer is, not with that current plan, he's not.  But stay tuned for the next segment of The Great GOP Hope...

On the publishing front, I completed A Kiss of a Different Color and expect to publish within two weeks.  Now I'm organizing my notes that I've been working on recently so I can get started working on my next two projects (yes, two projects; I'll be working on them simultaneously...and that doesn't include my next re-release).  A blank page terrifies me; I'm a big believer in always having something on paper to build on.  I'll be blogging about this in a day or two.

Enjoy your weekend!