November 10, 2011
The Interesting Buying Habits of Readers of Interracial Romance

One of the nice things about books on Amazon is the feature that shows what other books readers are buying when they buy a particular book. This is handy for both readers and writers. I've found it interesting that until I started Bunderful Books to publish my stories, there was virtually no crossover of sales between my mainstream and romance novels; people apparently bought either one genre or the other.

It's been just a few weeks since I released my latest independent title through Bunderful Books, A Kiss of A Different Color, and I've noticed something else: There seems to be no crossover between this, an interracial romance, and my other contemporary romances. Out of 30+ pages of other products people who have purchased AKOADC  have bought, none of my other titles are listed. Instead, the great majority of other titles are also interracial love stories.

Shucks!  And I was thinking that this book's success would spur sales of other titles.


PatriciaW said...

Haven't clicked over in a while, I'm guessing because I love the new background/look of your blog.

Just goes to show how difficult it is to predict the mind of a reader. There's always an essential element that draws the reader in, and it may not be what the author thinks. Then, the reader looks for more of that, and leaves the author wondering. In this case, seems to be all about the interracial, not so much the romance.

bettye griffin said...

It doesn't seem like it's been that long, Patricia, but welcome back!

Yes, I agree that in this case it's obviously all about the interracial. It's rather disappointing for me.