January 21, 2012

Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits

What I'm thinking about--besides polishing my manuscript--is how to set up an old standard, my Movie Trivia contest. I haven't done this in recent years as I've made my conversion from traditionally published to indie published author.  With my latest eBook, Isn't She Lovely?, coming out in February, the same month as the Oscars are held, the timing is right.

I have high hopes for this eBook (as I do about every new project I do), but since it's an eBook and there's no postage involved, I'd like to give away more than one. I'm thinking maybe a grand prize of my five eBook titles (including Isn't She Lovely?) and four gradually lesser prizes, all consisting of eBooks (four titles, three titles, two titles, and one title, respectively) to those who place, with more prizes added if the participation warrants.

Then the length of the contest has to be determined. I'm thinking one question per day from February 1st through 15th, with the winners announced on the 16th, before I leave for vacation (this should be close to publication day, if all goes according to schedule).

Back to my thinking...