April 20, 2013

Observations from Bettye-ville

Here are some observations I've made this week:

  • Joint efforts can be powerful...as evidenced by the swift identification and capture of the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombing by local and federal authorities, and the lockdown of the metro area by the governor, mayor, and local authorities to keep residents safe.  Bravo!
  • That said, one week ago there were many more healthy people, alive and with all their limbs, than there are this week.  May God rest those who perished in the bombing and heal those who were injured.  I think we all hurt from this, but these people's lives are changed forever.
  • The terrifying events in the Boston area were the leading story, but let us not forget the natural (as opposed to man-made) disaster in Texas.  That community has been decimated; it will take years to recover, if it ever does.  Not only are houses destroyed, but the air quality is damaged.  Remember them in your prayers.
  • It must truly be springtime in Wisconsin--the roads are torn up with detours everywhere, roads are closed to accommodate flooded streets, and the bikers are gathering by the dozens in the parking lot of Harley-Davidson.  Before you know it motorists will be hearing people screaming on the roller coasters as they drive past Six Flags Great America across the Illinois border.
  • NookPress is a pain in the ass.  I remember rolling my eyes when I read that if you want to re-upload your book file you first have to take it off sale, then re-upload the new version.  No more simply uploading a new version and having it become effective 12 hours later.  It takes hours just for the original file to be removed.  I found out firsthand how disruptive this is when I noticed that the cover art for my new prequel, Lost That Lovin' Feeling, was picked up twice I'm not liking this...
  • Most of the people who accepted my invitation to read Lost That Lovin' Feeling prior to publication and put reviews up right away have already done so on its Amazon product page.  Why didn't I do this sooner?
Until next time!  How are things in your world?