May 18, 2013

Fine Nuances of Writing 101

Pay close attention to your characters' positions.  If they are talking with a screen or glass door between them, they should not be able to touch each other without it stating in the narrative that one of them either came inside or went outside.  The same with having characters sit together on a sofa in a room previously described as only having single-occupant chairs.  It's a lot easier to miss details like this than you think, and while editors are invaluable, they are not infallible.

The best thing about being an eBook only author:  You can go back and make corrections and then re-load the new file (for each e-tailer).  It takes a little longer to correct a print version, and you have to order a proof and approve it before the corrections will be reflected.  So it's possible to change the print version; it just takes a little longer.

It's your book (not your editor's).  Make it your best work.  You owe that much to your readers.