July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby might not have a name...

...but my heroine does! 

I've spent the last day mulling over the contest entries for my character naming contest...I eliminated some good ones that contained first names I've already used for main characters (the first name of Ava, the last name of Ballard, both from backlist titles ePubbed earlier this year).  I then eliminated some I just didn't like (including one that sounded like a stripper ("Blaze").  I narrowed it down to two names, but there can be only one winner...and it is "Courtney Mathis," submitted by Louise Brown.  Congrats, Louise!  You win a $10 gift card and, since I know you already own all my eBooks, a complimentary download of Secrets & Sins when it comes out this fall!  Thanks for giving my heroine a name.  Her book, It Happened in Eighty-Eight, will be out in 2014.