October 25, 2013

Are you ready for some sinfully good reading?

Sinner Man: A Short Prequel, is now available as a free download at the Bunderful Books website and at Smashwords!  It is available in formats to fit any device.  I will not be uploading this book to Barnes & Noble (ePUB files are available at the aforementioned site).  Amazon successfully uploaded my file, but has apparently lost it (more about that tomorrow).  The price there will be 99 cents, but why pay for it if you can get it for free?

"In this prequel to the upcoming novel Secrets & Sins, author Bettye Griffin transports readers back to 1950s Chicago, to the wedding of Lorraine Hawkins and Vernon Pace. Lorraine is the daughter of a maid, while Vernon comes from one of the leading families in the area. Regardless of Vernon’s background, many people have doubts about his ability to settle down…including Lorraine. What no one knows is that this marriage will set the stage for events that will forever change the lives of both Lorraine and her best friend, Julia Scott, and affect future generations as well..."

Download yours today!