February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day eBook Sale

Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of this romantic holiday, I'm offering my eBook A Kiss of a Different Color on sale for $1.99.  That's right, a full novel of over 100K for just $1.99.  This price is only good at my eStore (not at Amazon or other retailers), and it's only good for Valentine's Day, February 14th. Be sure to choose the Buy Direct button to get the sale price.

After nine months of unemployment, physical therapy assistant Miranda Rhett leaves her home in Racine, Wisconsin, to take a job in employment-rich Bismarck, North Dakota, despite the city's startling absence of African-Americans. Once there, far removed from anyone who would tease her about her dream of ballroom dancing, she signs up for lessons, providing the school can find her a partner. The school comes through in the form of handsome, sexy Jon Lindbergh, a recent transplant from Minnesota.

Jon is as charming as he is agile on the dance floor, and Miranda soon finds that her romantic daydreams about falling in love in the arms of a handsome partner on the dance floor spilling over into real life. But Jon's family history of four generations of failed marriages has made a non-believer out of him. His primary interest seems to be hooking up with someone with whom to spend the bitterly cold North Dakota winter. Miranda doesn't believe in pursuing failure, and an even bigger obstacle is their learning they have the same employer--who instituted a strict no-dating rule in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Jon feels that no one will be the wiser, since he works at corporate and she at the rehabilitation center. Miranda is not so sure. But with the magical sparks that pass between them every time they look at each other, and with an average high winter temperature in the single digits and frequent dips below zero, what's a girl to do?

If she's Miranda, she does what comes naturally...and tries like hell to be the one to make a believer out of him...

If it's cold where you are, this well-received eBook is guaranteed to warm you up!  Here's a few snippets of what readers said about it:

"I enjoyed the believable aspects of the characters and how they relate to what's going in the world today. Bettye did a great job in showing how down to the wire, no job, new city, new challenges, can become a blessing if you just take a chance."

"Loved everything about the story, could easily visualize the characters around me. The author gave this the best of the best."

"I loved this book. It was well written, the pacing was good and the troubles real. I rooted for this couple from the first meeting."

"One of the best interracial stories EVER!"

"The best romance I've read this year."
Happy reading!