March 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday tips

Easter is almost here, and we're about to go into prom and wedding season.  Dressing (for yourself and also for your kids) for these can get very expensive.  The cost of new shoes alone for a mother and children will set you back over a hundred dollars. (I didn't mention the men, because they can usually just go out and buy a new tie and matching hanky to give their suit a snazzy new look, unless they have to rent a tux.)

Fortunately, we are also going into garage sale season.  There are plenty of goodies to be found at these, especially in dressy kids' clothing...coats trimmed in fur collars, suits, dresses with things like satin bows and lace trims, sometimes in velvet, that have usually just been worn once for special occasions.

Women would probably do better at thrift shops, which also have children's clothes.  Check the yellow pages for locations in tony suburbs, where they're more likely to have the best stuff.  Try to find something that goes with shoes you already own so you don't have to buy a new pair (since your feet, unlike that of your children, aren't growing anymore).  

The best part?  After those dresses and suits have served their purpose, you can have them dry cleaned and sell them back to the store on consignment...if they sell, you'll get part of the proceeds.  Ka-ching!