Yeah, yeah, another interview

It's at, which is run by the lovely Radiah Hubbert, whose picture of us from Saturday at the Slam Jam I borrowed.
There's also a review of Once Upon A Project on the site (fortunately, the reviewer liked it). So check it out while I rush around opening an account with the electric and gas company and to find out who the heck will provide our phone and cable service, since AT&T does not service our new neighborhood.
Moving. It's definitely one of the 10 most stressful life situations.


shelia said...

I hate moving unless someone else is doing the packing and unpacking...but that's never been the case for

We'll be here after you get settled in.

Lori said...

Nice interview, Betty. Love your "family first" rule. I abide by one as well (smile).

I think when you step into this business (such as it is) with your eyes open and already knowing who you are, you're less apt to take a whole lot of "junk" from folks.

Patricia W. said...

Blessings for the move. Glad you're getting more space!

Packing is not so bad but I would definitely like to hire someone or become like Bewitched for the unpacking. Just wriggle my nose...

bettye griffin said...

Shelia, right now the lovliest phrase I can think of is "settled in." Sigh.

Lori, publishing can come and go. Your loved ones are forever!

Patricia, I don't even want to think about moving all our stuff up from Florida. Bernard and I decided to do that after we get the contents of the apartment into the house. Having it done simultaneously will be too much for us!