Here in Wisconsin the leaves are changing color, making driving along the highway a pretty scenic experience. We've had the heat on (quite a contrast from my sister in Jacksonville, who was in her pool swimming laps in 88-degree heat when I called her the other day).

In honor of it being fall, I've chosen a weather-related song for you to pick your favorite. Baby, It's Cold Outside was written for the movie Neptune's Daughter, a vehicle for swimming star Esther Williams, back in 1949. Not surprisingly, it won the Oscar for Best Song that year. It's become a classic and still sounds great!

Ray Charles and Betty Carter recorded a version in 1961 that, in my opinion, still holds up today. Years later, Vanessa Williams got Bobby Caldwell to sing it with her on her Christmas CD, Star Bright. Their version, as you'd expect, is a little more fast-paced and modern. I think both of them are great, but to me this is yet another case of an oldie but goodie winning. Ray all the way!
What do you think?

Ray Charles/Betty Carter

Vanessa Williams/Bobby Caldwell

Have a great weekend, and if you haven't yet registered to vote, please do it before it's too late!


Patricia W. said...

Two things I miss most about living in Florida are the changing colors of Fall and the snowy white winters.

But I'm thankful for the near eternal sunshine!

And I love Baby, It's Cold Outside!

shelia said...

I'm in LA and it was actually cool enough for me to turn off the a/c yesterday. My sinuses are acting up so I now know it's officially I go through this every time the season changes.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I love the fall colors. I hope to be able to take a nice drive and see them before they're all gone. And I'm with you, Ray Charles and Betty Carter all the way on this one.


Sean D. Young said...

I love this time of year. The way the leaves change their color and the breeze hits your face. It shows once again the awesomeness of God.

I'm not familiar with either of these songs, but I will say I love Bobby Caldwell.


bettye griffin said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all!