Coming in Just 7 Days

The mass market edition of Nothing But Trouble is coming to a bookstore near you on Tuesday, October 7th. I've been so busy with rejoicing the completion of A New Kind of Bliss that this one kind of snuck up on me. When I got home from work yesterday to find a carton of author's copies on my front porch, I realized I'd better get busy letting folks know.

Here, therefore, are some hastily compiled reviews from the trade paperback edition of this book, which was published in 2006 (only the good ones, of course):

"A compelling read." -- Booklist

"It is a good choice for bookclubs because it invites plenty of discussion. Nothing But Trouble is a good read for the modern woman." -- APOOO

"Bettye Griffin has become one of my favorite authors starting with "The People Next Door" and now, "Nothing But Trouble." -- People Who Love Good Books

"Griffin provides a very thorough look into each character's situation that vividly portrays their emotions and thoughts. The book was very well written." -- RAWSISTAZ

"I truly enjoyed this story. It was almost like reading about people that you are friends with or that you work with. I recommend this book for any avid reader." -- a reader

So if you haven't read Nothing But Trouble, do plan on picking up a copy of the mass market edition, which will fit nicely in your purse!


I'm Bettye Griffin, and I approved this message . . . .


PBW said...

I grabbed Nothing But Trouble as soon as the trade paperback hit the bookstore.

The reviewers got it right - a fantastic read!

shelia said...

"I'm Bettye Griffin, and I approved this message . . . ."


bettye griffin said...

Thanks so much, Phyllis! I keep saying I need to learn how to turn off my comments when I make announcements like this, but if I had I would have missed your thoughts!

Shelia, glad you appreciated my little political spin. Whatever will we do when the election is over? (aside from celebrating, I hope . . .)

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Cool! A chance for a great book to reach even more readers!