Gettin' Snarky With It

How's your WIP?

So asks my friend Patricia Woodside at her blog. My answer: Gorgeous . . . at least the first 200 or so (manuscript) pages. After that the tone changed from a snarky chick lit to a more sedate women's fiction, which is the literary equivalent of painting one wall orange and the other fuscia in the same room. Either way you look at it, it's not going to work.

Unfortunately, I did not come to this realization until the weekend, less than 48 hours from the time I was due to turn it in . . . and this was the extension I'd been granted. Nothing like starting the week with a crisis. Thank God for agents. In addition to getting good deals, they also jump in and handle the dirty work, like telling editors the last thing they want to hear.

So excuse me while I work to meet extension deadline #2.

I've got a feeling that this book is going to be dedicated to my editor.


PatriciaW said...

Oh no!!!

That's why working in 100 page chunks is going to work for me, I think. I found my first 100 pages were sound more chick-lit than I wanted them to. I reworked them and moved on.

Now I'm stuck in the second 100 pages (the sagging middle) where my plot seems to be wandering. But I'm going to lasso it into submission!

I'm hoping the 3rd 100 pages will be like floating on a cloud.

Anonymous said...

Bettye, take a few deep breaths. We'll be here when you get back...first things first and kudos to your editor for understanding.

bettye griffin said...

Patricia, the hardest part of writing a novel is writing a novel.

Shelia, thanks for spurring me on. And yes, my editor is a peach (unfortunately, a rather ticked off peach, my agent informs me).

The manuscript is coming along very, very nicely, I must say.