Last Thoughts on Democratic Convention, and Pick Your Favorite Version of This Week's Song

Great convention! I hope there are plenty of Obama converts around the country this morning after he spoke last night and shared with voters what he plans to do for them. Lots of luck, John McCain, trying to fill that 10,000-seat venue in St. Paul (there were nearly 80,000 people at Mile-High Stadium who came out to see Senator Obama).

Now, I think that the Obama daughters are cute as the proverbial buttons. I'm curious to know if I'm the only one who thought they were dressed a little old? The older girl wore dresses with spaghetti straps on both the night her mother spoke and last night, when her father accepted the nomination (and the bodice of her dress Monday night was black, for heaven's sake). Surely clothing manufacturers make short-sleeve or sleeveless dresses in appropriate colors for kids her age? Black-bodiced dresses are cute on toddlers - they're usually paired with poufy skirts in bright colors like pink or yellow or even red - but after that stage that color is best retired until a girl is a woman. To me black spaghetti straps suggest a sexiness that has no place on an adolescent. I thought the younger girl would have had her hair in braids and be wearing lace-trimmed anklet socks or something you'd expect to see on a 7-year-old. For a moment I actually thought she was wearing stockings before telling myself I had to be imagining things and she was just bare-legged. Are there people who actually subject children that young to relaxers every seven weeks? (of course, her hair might have just been pressed with a hot comb, but even that's no picnic for a child, as I know firsthand from all those days-before-Easter).

Maybe I'm just hopelessly behind the times, but I do believe in letting kids look their age, especialy now that kids are often taller than they used to be. A 7-year-old shouldn't look like she's 10, and a 10-year-old shouldn't look like she's 13.
Getting off my soapbox with a hearty, "Go, Obama!"
It's Friday, time to choose your favorite version of the same song. I liked this weeks' selection the first time I heard it on Marvin Gaye's classic I Want You album (yeah, back then they were big black vinyl records). But when Fourplay covered it years later with vocals by El DeBarge, I decided I liked this later version even better. Y'all know I usually don't like remakes, and Marvin's version is of his usual excellent quality, but that remake was off the chain! What do you think?

Marvin Gaye

Fourplay featuring El DeBarge

A fun, happy, safe Labor Day weekend to all, and may God protect the people of the Gulf region.


Sean D. Young said...

Now Bettye,

I Want You is one of my Favor-ite songs of all time.
Have you ever read Frankie Gaye's book Marvin,My Brother. Great book, he tells alot of stories about how Marvin came to record some ofthese songs.

Anyway, I like the group Four Play, but they can't touch this one in my opinion.
Girl, you've got me singing the song. I want you and I want you to want me too, just like I want you. LOL

Great choice.


PatriciaW said...

Sorry, can't pick one. I love both versions of this song.

And yes, Bettye, you are hopelessly behind the times. As a mother who walks thru the girls section to get to the boys section in most department stores, sometimes I have to stop and look up at the overhead signs to remind myself that I'm surrounded by clothes for little girls.

Everything has a grown up, sexy vibe to it. We never wore shoes with more than a half inch of height before we got to at least fifth or sixth grade. These days, the little ladies sport 1 1/2 - 2" heels as young as six or seven years old.

The Obama girls were actually dressed pretty conservatively for today's times. I thought they were beautiful.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I agree with Patricia. When I think of some of the clothing I've seen in stores for little girls that have made my mouth drop in shock, the Obama girls were pretty conservative. I know what you mean though... what happened to the days of pretty little dresses with bows, lacy socks, and pigtails?


Lori said...

As far as the music is concerned, I guess it goes without saying, I'm all up in the Marvin Gaye "After The Dance" mix (LOL).

As far as the clothing issue, I'm just glad I have a son. The shorts I saw a lot of little girls in this summer looked like bikini bottoms.

Anonymous said...

The girls were cute. I see a lot of little girls dressed like they were on special occasions (hair down too). I know when we have church anniversary or homecoming, the little girls look similiar to them. Me personally, I say keep them in ponytails until they become teenagers. Ponytails and bangs. LOL

I have to go with Marvin Gaye on this one.

Thanks Bettye for your prayers. We're high enough up that we wouldn't get hit directly by the hurricane but unfortunately, tornados and floods usually happen. A lot of folks from the New Orleans areas are expected to arrive tonight. We were told on the news last night to stock up on stuff--because if it floods or trees fall, then we could be without water and/or power. I went to Sams Club this morning so we're stocked up here. It's best to be safe than sorry. When Hurricane Rita hit, we ended up being without power for 3 or 4 days---and it was H-O-T--I had to bring out the daisy dukes to stay cool...I know

Have a good 3 day weekend!

Anonymous said...

'I thought the younger girl would have had her hair in braids and be wearing lace-trimmed anklet socks or something you'd expect to see on a 7-year-old.'

OTHERS have commented regarding what the 10 year old daughter for mei'M probably going to be the outlier here...oh well won't be the first time lol... I have a 13 year old and I tend to choose my clothing long as it's not too short or doesn't show too much cleavage I'm very flexible. Hopefully my daughter won't grow up to be a hoochie mama because I'm flexible as was my grandmother and mother and I don't think I turned out bad at all.

Regarding the 7 year old I'M SO GLAD THEY DIDN'T HAVE HER HAIR IN BRAIDS...nothing against braids...I love them...BUT...there are times when I want to see something different on littles girls esp. when they're dressed up...I LIKED the I don't know if it was a relaxer or a blow dry and curl...I question relaxer because in an interview they said the gurls were asked if they wanted to go swimming earlier this week and the little one said no because they had just gotten their hair done...dang a slave to the hair already...sigh.

Anklet socks...hmmm my daughter stopped wearing those at age 4.
Are we sounding like our parents or just showing our
Come on Betty think back to some of the stuff you wore back in the days and the comments your parents probably made as mom/grandmother were cool tho' ...their attitude was this too shall pass...and as far as what's available for girls to wear today...the fashions are either very old fashioned or very grown up and since most kids don't want to look like their mom/granny many of today's moms allow our daughters to wear spaghetti straps within reason. Maybe I wasn't bothered by Malia's spaghetti straps because she doesn't have any breast...and I just went shopping with my daughter to find a dress and had to go through 50 before we got to one that was acceptable to both of us. Yes, sometimes we have to choose our battles and not sweat the small stuff because it's all small.

Anonymous said...

'The Obama girls were actually dressed pretty conservatively for today's times. I thought they were beautiful.'

Patricia I agree sis.

pjazzypar said...

I love Marvin's version and don't usually like people covering his songs; however El's version is the bomb for real:-)

bettye griffin said...

I'm late responding to this one. I guess I'm showing my age. My granddaughter is about to turn 2. Maybe I should start sewing lessons now so she won't look like a little hoochie by the time she's 8, huh?

Yasmin, I think it's a combination of sounding like our mothers and getting old, heaven forbid!

Lori, given the title of your novel, I had a feeling that you'd vote for Marvin!

I'm glad the hurricane wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Sean, Patricia, Gwyneth, thanks for weighing in.

Pjazzypar, you rule!