All Things Convention

I stayed up and watched Hillary's speech last night. The best thing about living in the Midwest has got to be Central Standard Time. All our programming comes on (and goes off!!) an hour earlier than it does in the East. I got to see the entire speech and was still snoring by 10:20PM.

Her speech wasn't bad, but I did think she got a little caught up in the I-did-this and I-did-that toward the middle. It was sweet how the camera caught Bill looking so loving and misty-eyed, but are my husband and I the only ones who thought he looked a little like W.C. Fields around the nose? I never would have described his nose as bulbous before, but it sure looks that way to me now!

I'm still chuckling about something Huggy Bear reported on Monday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He said he saw a bum wearing an Obama T-shirt walking near the convention site, telling people it's time for some spare change. Funny, huh?


Gwyneth Bolton said...

"Time for some spare change..." Hilarious! LOL.

Yeah I think Hillary went on a tad bit too long about I-I-I-I-I for a minute, but wasn't as bad as I was expecting her to be...


Patricia W. said...

I enjoyed Hillary's speech and Bill's too. Long overdue. Now what happens from here on the campaign trail remains to be seen.

Bill's been bulbous for a bit. (Is that enough alliteration for ya?) My Bernard and I actually remarked how good he looked (and Hillary too) compared to back in June at the end of the primaries when they were really looking pretty rough.

bettye griffin said...

Thanks for posting, Gwyneth and Patricia. Y'all who are reading this (yeah, you), don't be afraid to share your thoughts with us!