Heard any good books lately?

I've been so busy I forgot to mention that Once Upon A Project is now available on cassette, having been released at the end of June. The manufacturer, Recorded Books, creates books on tape for library markets (and any consumer willing to pay a rather hefty price for sale or rental). I took a photo when my author copies arrived (the one on the right is the actual book.) The story was read by a talented actress named Brenda Pressley, and she does a fine job. So be on the lookout for my book on cassette the next time you visit your local library.

On the writing front, I'm continuing to plug away.

The clock is ticking, but I'm keeping calm, getting closer every day.


PatriciaW said...

Just keep writing, Bettye! You're doing fine.

I noticed that you haven't told us your new deadline. That's okay. Sometimes the pressure comes from speaking/writing/telling the thing. You know.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

So, cool! I really like the boo-on-tape cover too. What does it feel like to hear your words read by an actress? I bet it feels great! :-)


bettye griffin said...

Patricia, you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull anything over your eyes! Not giving the new deadline was actually a deliberate oversight on my part. Editors don't like details of these things to get out, for obvious reasons. I didn't want to simply stop blogging about it, so I just left it out. As for the deadline, let's just say it's soon, with a best date, an acceptable date, and a get-it-handed-in-or-else date.

I'll give more info on the book, including the title that's just been decided on, once I get the manuscript submitted.

Gwyneth, I thought the cover was kinda nice, myself. I enjoyed hearing my words read, and I'll be honest: There were plenty of times when I said (in the privacy of my car), "Damn, that's good!" There were also plenty of times when I said, "Doggone it, I said that already!" or "She's not reading that line right!" But nothing is going to be 100%, and I'm overall pleased with the results.