How quickly I forget

I promised my newsletter readers that I'd be posting a special musical column throughout August, then yesterday I went and said I wouldn't be back until after the weekend. Sheesh!

Anyway, here's the musical choice for this week: I Do Love You, first recorded by its author, the late Billy Stewart, around 1965. The song was later recorded by GQ around 1977. Sadly, Billy Stewart was killed in a road accident early in 1970 at age 32 and did not live to see his song revived. Incidentally, someone in GQ must have been a big fan of Stewart's, they also recorded his composition Sitting in the Park.

Which do you prefer?

Okay, now I can say those four beautiful words, "Have a good weekend!"

Billy Stewart



Gwyneth Bolton said...

I am such a love song junkie. LOL. I have to say as a person born in 1970, the GQ version is the version I'm most familiar with and the one I love the most. But this is certainly a case of a great love song, just being great no matter what because both versions had me fanning myself and imagining the man of my dreams professing his undying love. LOL.


Sean D. Young said...


I have to be honest. I'm not a big fan of remakes. I really love both versions of this song.

I really like Billy's version because it was one of my dad's favorite.

GQ did a good job with the remake.

bettye griffin said...

I think the GQ version was as good as it was because the lead singer emulated Billy's intonations so closely, but as far as I'm concerned, the original is still the best. Go, Billy! He was a talented individual whose time in this life ended way too soon.

Sean, your comments about your dad made me remember an old (the word "old" has a double meaning; he was 10 years my senior) boyfriend who hadn't heard the original song in some time and was trying to recall when it had come out. "Around graduation," he finally decided.

Boy, do I feel old sometimes.

Thanks for posting, Gwyneth and Sean!