Yes, I've Strayed

Not in the way you think. I'm talking about my manuscript.

I had a synopsis that my editor approved. But a strange thing happened as I work to complete the manuscript. I started changing things around.

The result is a story that pretty much resembles the synopsis I sent, but not exactly. The beginning, end, and main conflict are the same. But I decided to change a couple of major plot points, because it made for a better story.

Now, I've made changes before. I particularly remember changing the ending of my book If These Walls Could Talk because I decided the original was too downbeat. I wanted to give my characters hope for their futures, and I did.

I feel like I'm putting in all kinds of new stuff in my current WIP (the name of which I'll reveal next week, when I'm finished with this phase of it). Some are just subplots, which aren't required to be part of the synopsis anyway. But I also brought in a whole new character who will play prominently in the ending. Overall, I'm pleased with my progress.

The countdown continues:


Angela said...

This is also happening to me so I feel you.

Patricia W. said...

But you're making great progress so keep writing!