Sweet children, infamous date

Forty-three years ago I was nine years old and didn't watch much news, but in recent years I've heard about how panicked expectant mothers begged their doctors to do something to extend their labor because they didn't want to give birth on a certain date. That date was the sixth of June, 1966. It was the 22nd anniversary of the famous Battle of Normandy during World War II, but what these women feared was giving birth on the date of 6/6/1966, a date associated with the antichrist.

This was a story that might not have even made the network news, which was much different in those days, carrying mostly hard news and little human interest stories. Besides, who wanted to talk about the antichrist?

Babies are born at any time. My own mother celebrated her eleventh birthday the day the stock market crashed in 1929 and plunged the country into the Great Depression. I've known people born on December 7th and November 22nd, the anniversaries of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the assassination of President Kennedy. Both of those dates have faded somewhat over the last 68 and 46 years, respectively. The date to avoid these days is September 11th.

My granddaughter was born prematurely on this date, three years ago today, on what was the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in three locations of our country. Between the day of her birth and the fact that her mother's name is Katrina, one might think she's a disaster in the making, but she is one special little girl who happened to be born on the anniversary of a horrible event in our country's history. There are likely thousands of babies who are turning eight years old today, having been born on the actual day that so many people died. One can't help when they are born, and I hope they all celebrate this most special day in their lives without the shadow of the other event they share their day with putting a damper on their joy.

So, may all the victims of that day rest in eternal peace. On the same token, happy birthday, sweet children, especially to my Baby Girl! I can't wait to see her when she gets here this evening. We're going to celebrate her birthday all weekend long!


PatriciaW said...

I love this. Birthdates are supposed to say something about us, but in the end they simply mark the beginning of our lives. And our lives are what we make them.

Happy birthday to all the 9-11 babies!

DonnaD said...

I believe that children are blessings from God, especially those born on "tragic" dates. I think about those widows/girlfriends, who lost their spouses/boyfriends and were pregnant and gave birth after 9/11. The only tragedy of their birth is not knowing the love of their fathers.

I hope your grandbaby had a wonderful birthday!

bettye griffin said...

I agree, Patricia!

Yes, Donna, it's so sad when a father dies before the birth of his child.

We had a wonderful weekend. We went over to an apple orchard, and Baby Girl and her little cousin rode ponies, rode a little train, jumped around in a trampoline, played in the hay and just had a fabulous afternoon! We brought out her cake and gifts after dinner. And the cake was free; Sam's Club put vanilla icing on it instead of the chocolate I requested on my order form.