The Week in Review

RIP, Edward M. Kennedy. You made some very public mistakes, but you did your best to be a worthwhile human being. It was very big of you to let the world in on some of your private thoughts by having them revealed after you were gone. You would have loved your homegoing services. Your eldest son and namesake was particularly touching.

It seems like everything our president done is met with scorn and criticism by the opposing party, and it's really getting on my nerves. Now he can't even talk to schoolchildren without kicking up a fuss? Puh-leeze.

RIP also - somewhat belatedly - to Michael Jackson, finally buried 70 days after his death. The rumor mill is saying that the family is going to sell footage of the funeral service on a DVD. That seems more than a little crude to me, and I certainly hope it's not true. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend! I still have 25,000+ words to write in my WIP between now and next Thursday, when it's due. Three guesses what I'll be doing this long weekend?


Katrina Spencer said...

Don't you just hate that? You start off saying that you'll write so many words per day, but in the end you always feel pressured and rushed! You'll get it done. You may be a zombie afterward, but you'll get it done!

Anonymous said...

Bettye, I hope that latest bit about Michael's family members wanting to sell a funeral DVD is not true. I'm already getting a whiff of opportunism from some of them and it stinks.--Reon