February 4, 2012

Movie Trivia #1

Remember, all answers are to be emailed to contests @ bettyegriffin.com (be sure to remove the spaces when emailing).  Answers posted here or anywhere else will not be counted.

1) "In my mother's house there is still God."

Ten points for the name of the movie.
Five points for the name of one of the actresses who said it.
Five points for the name of the other actress who said it.

HINT:  Classic film adaptation of a groundbreaking stage play.

2) (young man) "They're saying your family are Negroes."
(young girl) "Yes, but did they say anything bad about us?"

Twenty points for the name of the movie (because this is a toughie).

HINT:  An obscure, low-budget film that has garnered some late-blooming attention, over 60 years after it was made, having recently been released on DVD.

Remember, you have up until 11:59 p.m. on February 15th to submit your answers.  Full details and prizes listed here.  See you tomorrow for Round 2!