April 7, 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

It's been a very busy year.  I began 2012 on schedule...by submitting chapters to my editor the end of that first week.  My editor, unfortunately, had some personal issues that landed her in the hospital a few weeks later.  This put her behind in her own to-do list, and we worked feverishly to get Isn't She Lovely? edited for ePublication.  The situation wasn't helped any when my laptop "passed away" unexpectedly after a sudden illness.  I had to buy a new one (thank heavens Office Depot always has good sales) and get my files loaded on it, plus the daunting task of learning Windows 7.

My editor and I managed to get in a three-hour dinner at the Outback when I visited Jacksonville in February, and that leisurely evening somehow gave us motivation to speed things up.  The book was uploaded on March 5th.

I've gotten very little writing done in the month since.  There are a few reasons for this.  One, after releasing a new book I have to let everyone know about it, and that takes time.  But usually after two weeks I'm ready to start writing again.

I didn't this time because, although all my files were reloaded on my computer, I had to re-load my software, including my Dragon dictation software, and re-train the software to recognize my voice. I've loaded the software, but haven't re-trained it yet.  I've been busy, which brings me to the third reason I haven't done much writing.

My mother flew home to Wisconsin with me after my visit to Florida in late February, and she visited with us for six weeks.  My husband and I both loved having her here, but you simply can't keep your regular routine when someone else is staying at your house, even someone who isn't really a guest.  Those first weeks I would bring my laptop with me when she wanted to work out at the Y, and I'd sit and read over and revise text while she got on the machines (my mom will be 94 later this year, but she's always been a big believer in physical fitness and has been blessed with good health).  After the book was uploaded I stopped dragging the laptop and usually ran errands while Mom worked out.

My mother flew home last week, and while I do miss her, it does feel good to not have to worry about keeping her occupied.  So now it's just my hubby and me, doing our own thing...and I'm writing again.  Before this weekend is over I'll have my Dragon software and will autotranscribe all the files I dictated prior to my laptop's demise.  Right now I'm going over the manuscript for a backlist title.

It's good to be back!