January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you the very best in 2014.  Through good times and bad, keep your faith, and in the bad times, remember that this, too, shall pass.

I thought I'd share with you my planned releases for the new year:

Secrets & Sins will be released on January 3rd, just two days from now.  It will be available as an eBook only at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and also at my eStore, where it will be priced at $1 less than at other eTailers.  I hope you've all read the exciting prequel, Sinner Man.  It's free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my eStore!

Here's a brief recap of the other projects I plan to release in 2014:

Love Will Grow.  This will be the second and final full novel in my Love Will series and is about Tierney's friend Nylah Taylor, a medical records director in the depressed area of Gary, Indiana, who makes a surprising discovery at work and reports it to the police.  While questioning her, one of the detectives inadvertently lets an old secret out of the bag that Nylah isn't ready for her son to hear, marking the beginning of an antagonistic relationship, but...well, you've seen the title of the book.  This short series also includes a free prequel, Lost That Lovin' Feeling.

It Happened in Eighty-Eight.  Although this is a romance, it spins off from Secrets & Sins, which is women's fiction.  A woman who works the night shift at the local hospital wakes up at an unusually odd hour in the afternoon and is unable to go back to sleep.  When she turns to the nightly news broadcast she hears a shocking report, and suddenly she knows why she awakened at that particular hour and minute.  She must act upon the news, which will put her both in the media spotlight and in the fight of her life...and into a most unexpected passionate romance...This book kicks off a series of stories set in the town of Eighty-Eight, Mississippi, a place with more scandalous secrets than any soap opera.

I also plan on releasing at least two backlist titles as eBooks, but haven't decided which ones.  I have plenty of other projects planned, but these are the ones I feel confident I can get done in 2014.

May your year ahead be full of happiness, good health, prosperity, and good reading!