January 13-18, 2014

Gone Blogging

This week I'm doing a blog tour to promote Secrets and Sins.  Each day I'll be introducing a different character from this exciting new family saga.  I also plan to give away a complimentary download each day, so do stop by each day, get to know the characters, and possibly win a copy!

The schedule will be updated each day as posts are published, so please check back to see where I am on a given day!

Monday, 1/13/2014:  Readin' 'n' Writin' with Patricia
Tuesday, 1/14/2014:  Shelia Goss
Wednesday, 1/15/2014:  Sister Scribbler (Chicki Brown)
Thursday, 1/16/2014:  Deatri King-Bey
Friday, 1/17/2014:  Melissa Blue
Saturday, 1/18/2014:  Cheris Hodges