June 26, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years of Indie Publishing

Happy Anniversary to Me! (No, not that anniversary...I was one of the crazy people who got married in December (although at least it was in Florida). 

On June 26, 2009, amid all the media coverage about the sudden death of Michael Jackson the day before, I published my first indie book, Save The Best For Last. I was taking a giant leap of faith and didn't half know what I was doing, but I did know that I had written a good story that deserved to be read (despite my hero having no money and the sex coming relatively late in the story), and that was good enough for me. Fortunately, most readers agreed, and the book was a success (it is now permafree on Amazon and Nook, at the latter under its original cover because Barnes & Noble has been very difficult to work with), and it's been followed by 7 more original titles and 4 backlist titles, with more to come! 

To celebrate this milestone, 1 of those original titles and 3 of the backlist are on sale for the next few days...(with a special deal on another book available only to my newsletter subscribers)...The eBooks pictured below are all just 99 cents as of right now on Amazon


I certainly don't want to leave out readers who have eReaders other than Kindles, and since as I mentioned, Barnes & Noble has been giving me grief all year, I've made most of these titles available for the 99-cent price at my eStore. This does not include Isn't She Lovely?, which is on a Kindle Countdown Deal and per the terms of that agreement cannot be sold anywhere else (the 99-cent price on this book is only effective through Friday, June 27th, after which the price will be increased in increments until it returns to its full price by July 1st).

The sale price for these three backlist titles will run only through Sunday, June 28th, so get yours today! 

Please feel free to share this announcement with your reading friends, and as always, I wish you good reading!